Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Happy New Year's Eve.

All of my blogs will be updated tomorrow. ALL OF THEM.
Today is just the non-fiction ones, Star The Alt, Img Arc, and this one.


If you haven't seen it, check out the Google Doodle animation, it's soo cute. or you can see it here on my personal blog.

As a roundup to 2013, I thought it would be nice to talk about my favourite style discovery of this year. *hem hem* - it's lace. I think it's so elegant. Lace tops, to be precise, but lace skirts with an underlining are pretty too. So I've been on a Lace Trail since God knows when.

I've had quite a lot in my eBay watch/wish list for ages, so I will post them here and decide once and for all whether I'm buying or... what. I noticed a lot of them are white =D Interesting, as I have virtually no white clothes in my wardrobe! It's quite a lot, so I'll minimise the comments.

This is the top they said was 'beige'. It is not beige. It is grey.

^ Lace Peplum Top (Sold By Zeta Ville Fashion)
I mentioned before that I bought this top. Mint wasn't available (GAHHHHH) so I bought beige, but it looks nothing like the picture. It's actually more like GREY. (See the pic I took above. See? Did they up the contrast or something?) So I returned it for a white. You can never go wrong with white. I mean, white is white, right?

Wrong. My Mum said it looked cream. *sigh*

I really like Zeta Ville. They sell Italian-style clothing and I've seen a lot of their stuff that's made me go 'Ooh. Wish List!'

I didn't realise the back was see-through =/ It'll be okay if I wear a black bra though, right? =O

White Lace Falbala Blouse (Sold Here)
This top is just GORGEOUSSSS. I'm not usually into square shoulders but here it looks somehow cute! I am investing in this top with all of my pocket money power. =]

< LOOK 1 - The studio pictures shows the model with different looks and I liked that too. I love the waist on these shorts, how the hips are higher than the navel. It's so unique.
 < LOOK 2 - I love the flared skirt, it's got a subtle colour and the waist has that little dip in the middle. I've never seen a skirt like it.
< LOOK 3 - pencil skirt makes the whole outfit twice as smart. This shirt is way more versatile than it seems!

Jane Norman Lace Bandeau Top (Sold by Jane Norman Outlet Store)
I think I may have said that I'm not much drawn to tops without any sleeves at all, but this is lovely. I wouldn't buy it, I think, but still, it's a nice subtle colour. I wish it had sleeves.

Sheer Lace Crochet/ Embroidery Blouse (Sold Here!)
I LOVE this. I love it. I can't wait to get one. I feel like it sits on the border between smart and showy really nicely. Great summer wear. Ha, can't believe I'm dreaming of summer already.

More below...

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Pink Gingham TRAIL !!! (Basically a Hell Bunny Trail.)

So, naturally, Hell Bunny are so awesome that they'll have to get their own post at some point. I was searching for a pink gingham dress because I saw the Boohoo bodice below, and I thought - *gaaasp!* (lol) perfect colour and design, exactly what I wanted... (!) ... on a DRESS. Bodice itself it a bit too revealing for me... you know how I feel about the stomach showing thing... or do you? Crop Tops post here.

Boohoo "Amelia" Bodice (Sold Here)

This watermark is very... subtle *teehee* XD

^ Sweet Lolita Gingham Dress (Sold Here)
Sooo pretty. I don't know if it would suit me, but I'd love to wear it to a comic con or something.

I think I was also drawn by the shape. It's a trap I fall into a lot, especially when shopping in Camden Market. It tricks me into thinking it would looks like that on me, but actually it wouldn't because I have no figure. I have narrow hips so I can't even pretend like I had a tiny waist like I (MAYBE) could if I had an hourglass figure or whatever. So, there's that concern. Otherwise, WHATEVER X3

^ Hell Bunny "Charlotte" 50's Dress (Sold Here)
This one I like, though the pink is a bit too dark for me. I'd prefer baby pink. Also I'm not a fan of halter-neck dresses (strain on the neck, slight chance of the tie unravelling, back bare, just SO many reasons XP no srsly O_O ) I think I'd love to dress it up on someone... just not me!

^ Hell Bunny "Lazy River" (?) Dress (Sold Here)
Again, pink is a bit dark but I love the design. I like that there's nothing sticking on it or out from it, no bizarre embellishments that would take away from the sweet simplicity of the dress. I like seeing the colours side by side, but by themselves they're actually all too dark for me *laughing* is that weird?!! I've done that before, I think! Yellow Purple Magenta >> Daffodil Lilac Babypink.

^ Hell Bunny "Lana" Dress (Sold Here)
Very cute, although it has the exact embellishment problem that I was wary of in the comment above. Makes me a bit =/

^ Hell Bunny "Jinmu" Dress (Sold Here)
I'm really into corset-style tops and dresses at the moment, so the white tie-front I really adore. The tie pockets are also really cute, but it's the tied-bows at the hem AS WELL that push it over the edge for me. Just a bit too much. But generally, gorgeous.

^ Hell Bunny Pin Up Dress (Sold Here)
Okay so, I think somebody was selling their dress on ebay...? This isn't a studio pic so I wasn't sure if it was a business seller or what. But I adore the design of this, the buttons, pockets and low collar with the frills on it, so sweet! One of my faves, I think...

^ Hell Bunny Vixen Rockabilly Dress (Sold Here)
I love the skirt of this dress. Would be amaaazing with a petticoat.

^ Hell Bunny Ivana Dress Pink (Sold Here)
Okaaay, I know it's not gingham but these stripes seem faint in the picture so it's cool. I really love the style of this, how the bow is, how some stripes are vertical and some horizontal, it's all very flattering.

Anywhoo, no more dresses for me. I swear, I have bought between 5-10 dresses this year which is a LOTT. (about 4 were for summer, about 3 for milder weather... something like that) I actually really need tops now...

wib lub,
Queenofpink JR xx

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pink Spotting: Willow Smith

I have no idea how old or new this picture is, and I don't much care.

HER HAIR - !  =]

Oh... of course, her outfit is very cute too. :)
But y'know... I was Pink Spotting so.... hair first.

Queenofpink xx

Monday, 16 December 2013

Pink-Blog Spotting: Sakuranko, Marta, Kailey =]

I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a fellow pinkpunk pinkqueen pinker =D and I came across the Sakuranko blog today, which is a makeup blog and it's really gorgeous. I just adore it, although I'm not much into make-up, more clothes really.


Also, I must recommend Marta's All 4 Barbie blog because it's really sweet and I love all of the creative images. Marta is from Spain (!!) and was so kind as to leave a comment on this blog. Please show some love! =]


Finally, the Mermaidens blog I came across simply by accident but I love the style. I particularly like the post of the link below; the first picture I adored because of the tranquil backdrop and the pastels... you know how I feel about pastels =]


- cold outside, loud inside <3

That's all folks!!

I will keep my eyes peeled for more rosey magenta-ey bubblegummy cutesey pretty lovely blogs.
And clothes. XD

Queenofpink .

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Winter Buys

Winter is coming, ahoy ahoy!

Just thought I'd share some of the things I bought for the oncoming winter, sadly little of them are pink =( but NEVAMINEE! Here we go.

^ Faux-Fur Lined Jacket (Bought Here)
I bought it as an auction (so it's ended now) but I've put in the link for the Buy-It-Now. I've needed a hoodie for quite a long time so when I spotted this, I was like 'Aha!' My original plan was to get the Official The Legend Of Zelda hoodie, I already have a t-shirt and its awesome but expensive, being official and all. This hoodie feels so luxurious and looks really sweet. I got the wine colour which goes great with my converses, which are the same shade.

^ ASOS Linen Midi Skirt (Found Here)
Again, the listing has ended so i've put a link to the search. I got black but I also wanted yellow, which is a beautiful daffodil colour. There's also white and red. I ADORE this skirt. I has bought this one a long time ago and realised how much I loved the elegance of long skirts on me. I think I much prefer 'elegant' to 'sexy' as a style, and I've worn my long skirts a lot more than my short ones in the last year. I haven't yet worn this one because I adore it so much! I'm saving it for a special occasion... but I promise I'll wear it soon!

^ Heart Buckle Leather Gloves (Bought Here)
On my other personal blog, I went into detail about my agony with gloves, so this year I had to be certain I had gloves that wouldn't ice my fingers when the weather gets bitingly cold. I also needed to make sure my mum had a good pair, because last year wasn't too great for her either in the gloves department!
I bought these for Mum, which I think are just adorablee, with the little heart buckle and everything =] And I bought the below ones for me. When I received them, mine were thicker than these ones, but these ones were so COMFORTABLE! So I ordered another pair for me, BUT... as they're hand made, every one is slightly different. Thus, out of the 3 pairs I bought, my Mum's pair are still the more comfortable! Dangit. Ahh, neveeermineee.

^ Bowknot Leather Gloves (Bought Here)
Yeah... description above ^ nothing else to say, really!

^ Faux-Fur Wrist Warmer (Found Here)
I thought this was quite cute, although I suppose I was taken by the fact that it was ridiculously cheap (like, a pound. ONE POUND!) My idea was to wear them over the leather gloves, partly for extra warmth, partly for style. I loved the colour of the Camel one so I went with that, although it really goes with nothing I own. Probably should've got black or grey, but oh well.

^ Faux-Fur Wrist Warmer [Fingerless Mittens] (Found Here)
By the time I found this, I had to wonder at why so many of my purchases included faux fur!!! I don't think it's even THAT warm. Anyway, I was drawn to it because of the earlier one, I thought it would be nice and also the wine red would go with my new hoodie and converses - and then I remembered that I don't think converses are the shoes to wear when it's that cold!!

I did buy a lace top as well O_O but that's a secret, I'm supposed to be saving so I won't talk about that!! Neverminee ^_^

Queenofpink xx

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Crop Tops

I never wear crop tops.

Besides my mother constantly warning that I'll damage my kidneys if I wear crop tops because the chill on my lower back will somehow ruin them for life, I have generally never been comfortable showing off my midriff to strangers. However, a style solution recently came to my attention - how about crop tops and high-waisted skirts/trousers?

Now, at first I was excited. Then I was appalled. 'What's the point? why not just wear a normal top and trousers?' But the crop + high-waisted gives it a unique look, and I wouldn't actually be revealing anything. The only reason I was considering this at all is becasue I saw some crops that I liked but was reluctant to buy. Let me share my eBay browsings with you...

^ Boohoo 'Amelia' Floral Crop Top (Found Here)
I'm in love with this one. I ADORE the colours (remember how I said I love pastels?), the cut-out shirt design is really interesting, and its egenerally very cute. I don't usually like things so daring or anything floral, actually. But I do adore this. Boohoo is in my good books right now. They also had this floral peplum top that I ADORE, and I don't know why or how because I dislike peplum-style as much as I dislike florals!

^ Pink 'Love' Crop Top (Found Here)
I loved this at the time. Now I'm writing this post, I don't know what on  EARTH I was thinking.

.... I think I only clicked on it because it was pink.

^ Boohoo 'Jemma' Cross-Stripe Crop Top (Found Here)
I both like this and I don't. The cross is not very tidy, kinda messy, wonky, sloppy... *laughing* okay, I'm overdoing it. But seriously, something about it isn't as flawless as it should be, but the colours are nice and subtle. The Black and White version makes my eyes hurt, so I will tactfully skip that one.

^ Boohoo 'Anya' Wet-Look Crop Top (Found Here)
I told you Boohoo's in my good books right now, right? Well, I really like this one, it's very daring and risque, so much so that I don't think I'd ever wear it, but I admire it in a way. The model wears it nicely (they always do, naturally XD ) but I think the top has its own merit as well... okay, I don't know what I'm talking about. =]

^ White Lace And Mesh Crop Top (Found Here)
I think this one is actualy GORGEOUS, but I not sure if I'm talking about the top or the photo here, because generally speaking, the entire look is gorgeous (her hair is pretty =] ). The top by itself is probably quite average but the way the model styles it is lovely. I was so 'WOW' about it that I was actually going to buy - until I realised the back was completely seethrough, which put me of it completely. I really hate it when I see something I adore and then I realise something which makes me go 'Okay nevermind NEVERMIND!!!'

Tired now. Thanks for reading. More window shopping tomorrow!

(for no other reason than to pass the time and take my mind of depression. Not just mine - pretty much everybody around me right now. It's really upsetting. =( ) Soooo WINDOW SHOPPING TOMORROW!

Queenofpink xx

Monday, 9 December 2013

Neck Accessories: Necklaces, Chokers, Scarves...

And two more I made today.
I mused with the idea of Jade Rose's hair shorter.

^ I would also wear this with cream or pink converses.

My favourite accessory to put on JR is a choker, one of which I own myself. I have a satin one and a velvet one - the velvet one is my favourite, I prefer the matte to the shiny look.

Another thing is a purple scarf, or which was inspired by The Sims 2, and another is a thin gold or silver necklace with a tiny trinket on the end.

Queenofpink .


Monday, 4 November 2013

Bizarre Modelling

I was considering getting this top.

In pretty much every studio picture, the model has her arm across the top so I can't dang well SEE it. Some are slightly better than others, but I can't properly see what the ruffles are like and how it hangs on the body.

And guess what? The only picture she doesn't hold this pose in is the BLACK TOP... so of course, I can't see any of the ruffles at all.

The buyer should be able to see what they're buying, right?!

Crazy modelling.


Monday, 12 August 2013

Killer Heels

And these really do look like killers... =O

From the Daily Shoes eBay shop:

LOVE the shade and patterning.
I wouldn't wear such shoes myself, but I think it would look nice on if done correctly. ;)

Queenofpink .