Friday, 19 April 2013

Pink Cat

Seeing as 'Pink' is now associated with 'Friday' and today happens to be Friday...

... I guess I could do another blog post.


I'm a huge animal lover. Dying cats - dying any animal for that matter - is unnecessary and kinda cruel, but the idea of a pink cat makes me happy!

Check out this tee from Chiara Fashion, I just love it..."

- Jade Rose

Hm. What would I wear it with?

... probably black skinny jeans, pastel pink or cream quilted ballet pumps - like these Pam Jenkins ones (pic below), a black choker, either plain or with a drop cat pendant - like this one on eBay (pic below), and if I had one, a black denim jacket. Maybe a silver bracelet but I wouldn't want to overdo it.

HEY look at this pink cat graphic!

OMG - it looks like a cross between a pink Evee and a Vulpix Pokémon!!

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