Friday, 19 April 2013

Primark Logo Tees Trail

Couple of weeks-verging-on-months ago, I had myself a bit of Pink Spotting and -cough- conveniently found myself in Primark.

It's a bold pink tee with rolled-up sleeves and a white 'DORK' printed on the front. It stuck in my head for a long time because I'd debated whether or not to get it for ages. Horror of horrors, I decided against.

It was unique - pro.
I probably would wear it - con.
I had a denim skirt from New Look to wear it with - pro.
No pink double-upper All Star converses to wear it with - con.

- Top: New Look Denim Skirt, Below: Double Upper Converses on eBay -

I think my main reason for liking it was that it was pink, because otherwise I'm not a fan of the labelling. On one hand, I see that it's supposed to be empowering, and that's cute.

But on the other hand, these are stereotypes. What's more, they're stereotypes that still cause problems for people. People who are actually called 'dorks', 'nerds' and 'geeks' must face hell, and people who wear these tees may just be wearing them for the fun or it (or because some of them are cool) so in that way it's hard to see the humour in these.

To further prove my point - if I wore that 'DORK' top with a denim skirt, pink double upper converses, black 40 denier tights, a pink ribbon in my hair, a heart stud in my ear and huge 'Geek Glasses'... maybe I would actually look good or cute instead of like a dork. Maybe cute in a dorky way...? But I'd have to be wearing a Marvel jacket or something.

There are other tees in various colours, including labels such as 'Mathlete', 'What Ever', 'Epic', and so on. 'DORK' is my favourite for obvious reasons.

... oh? Not so obvious? Well, it's pink...

- P.S. Not my pictures. -

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