Thursday, 30 May 2013

Jade Rose Pastel Trail

Well, I promised.

(Though it took a while.)

One of the key ways I know what I want something to look like, is when I'm shopping and I see an item of clothing that is perfect except for ONE, THING. Maybe two things. Knowing how I want to change it urges me to create my own version, but I often forget to come straight home and design it before I forget.

Dress up games are also great for kicking my imagination into gear, especially games that allow many variations and colour palette changes to the items.

The image of Alternate Jade Rose above I made on The Perfect Dress, which is on It's cool because I can make the dresses look the way I want, but whenever I'm prohibited from making a certain change, I can design it my way on paper, and then it really is 'my' dress.

The one above I made by just messing around, to be honest. I was experimenting with pastel colours, and in the two dresses below as well. I wasn't able to give JR her braid, also her skin colour is a little bit too dark, but whatever. I really liked the actual dress, the pink sash-like off-the-shoulder sleeve and yellow lacy skirt - and I like the over the knee socks with blue stars and blue shoes - but somehow I don't like them together. A mistake on my part. Something isn't quite right but generally speaking, I like it.

Again, with this one, either I've missed something or I've added something I shouldn't have. Maybe the shoes are too dark. Yellow was a bad choice of headband. But I do love the chalk blue blouse with the baby pink heart-print skirt. The choker gives it a nice edge. I personally like to wear a plain black choker a lot, so I often give Jade Rose one.

I gave her the rose just for the sake of it. Pun intended.

JR typically wears something red in her hair so I brought the bow back, heh. This is in fact my favourite dress, the whole thing looks elegant to me. My sister wasn't too hot on the colours, but I love how the pink and blue clash and create a funny lilac colour. The pink hat and jacket, I love to death. Not quite Hayley Williams' jacket, but hey. That's the best I could do!

Until next time, Style Seekers.

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