Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pink Spotting: 'Japanese Wife' Blog

From the Japanese Wife blog post, featuring pictures of Lolita style.

Doing a bit of pink spotting on fashion blogs and came across the most FANTASTIC wig! It looks so striking, I just stared for ages. (Click on the link above to read the blog post and see other pink Lolita-related fashion.)

This blog post really REALLY made me want to find a gothic lolita magazine in the UK. That would be... great, basically. I guess this blog is the next best thing!

I'm supposed to be sticking to my one-post-a-day quota but it's going horribly. Yesterday I had none, today two. BUT I JUST HAD TO SHARE!!

Sorry dudes. Okay, BYE FOR REAL!


  1. Thanks for this entry ^^
    by the way, I am selling this wig so if you want I could sell it to you =)

    1. Aw, that's so kind! If I could wear wigs, I would own every wig under the sun. BUT, as I have dreadlocks, I don't think I could get it to convincingly stay on my head =( Which is a DAMN shame because I could've worn it to for London Comic Con. But thank you for offering, that's so sweet ^_^

      How much are you selling it for? Are you selling it on eBay? (Maybe I can suggest it to some friends.)

    2. aw, i see

      The price is 30$ without shipping. No, not on ebay, unfortunately. I'm selling it on my blog but your friends ,if they are interested, can message me on facebook =)