Monday, 6 May 2013

Summer Dresses Trail

None of the pics below below to me. That said, enjoy!


As you may have guessed, I'm a bit of an eBay addict.

Summer is a'comin again and I would quite like a new dress so yep, I've been bargain hunting on eBay. Here's the favourites I narrowed down the thirty or so down to.

This dress is a fuschia pink bird print dress by Olivia Ruben (Dorothy Perkins), and it is gorgeous. Here's the eBay listing. The model picture doesn't even do the dress justice, so here's one pic from the listing too;

This one (below) I plan to get. The blends of soft blues and pinks are so nice, the crossed back finishes it off nicely. Love the tiered hems. Here's the listing.

The dress below I absolutely adore, but the sizing may possibly be to small for me. What a damn shame. In all honestly  I prefer the light pink to the bright pink. It's summer, it's gonna be hot, and I don't need so much of a bold colour glaring me in the face. Whereas the light pink can easily be matched with something bright, like a sunhat. Or something. Heh. (Find it here on eBay.)

The dress (below) is super pretty, although I have decided not to buy. I love the peacock-like patterns and subtle pinks among other pastel colours and greys. I find it interesting that the model wears yellow heels. I would have personally chosen white - but seeing this picture makes me prefer the yellow because it brings out the 'hidden' colours at the bottom of the dress. Coolio. (Here on eBay.)

This dress is striking in the way the colours are placed on the dress; dark at the waist and hem, light across the skirt, straps and bust. I really like that effect. I prefer the pink, light blue and green dress (left) to the dark blue and pink one just because - this sounds kinda weird - it has more potential. In terms of styling it with accessories. You know. (Here on eBay)

Isn't it so CUTE? Oh man! (below) I don't actually want one, it would look terrible on me, but it's a gorgeous dress. Yeah, that's it really. (Here on eBay)

I had a little fit over the pink version of this dress because it is amazingly cute and reminds me why I often shop for Korean and Chinese clothes instead of European, although it really doesn't make a difference because there will always be incredible and awful fashion items out there no matter where you shop. (inhale) Again, I couldn't wear it (except maybe as some sort of nightdress, ha,) but I love looking at it. (Here on eBay)

And that, friends and Pink-lovers, concludes my Pink Dresses vomit-post today. Catch you later - I have many more pink things to share with you.

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