Saturday, 20 July 2013


Ever been to Westfields London?

It's great. Also, I live half an hour away, which is even more amazing. That's where I first saw the shop Desigual. It's really cool in there, quite dark. I could tell it was the kind of shop that would stock items that were waaaay beyond my budget, but I fell in love with the dress in the window. It was a long time ago and I A. can't remember what it looked like anymore and B. don't think they would still have it anyway.But it was gorgeous.

Found myself on their site recently, following up my Summer Dresses Trail... >.<

- click to enlarge -

Love the colours and the design. Simple, flattering, gorgeous.

This one is a bit harder to decide whether I like it. The pink drew my eye straight away. I love the other colours but I'm not sure if they compliment each other. The emblems on the skirt of the dress seem to take away from its overall beauty.
Oh well.

My summer dress craze WILL end soon, I swear.

Queenofpink .

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