Thursday, 4 July 2013

Disappearing eyebrows? (Oh, and um... shoes.)

Not to be a killjoy, but what the hell? What's wrong with normal eyebrows?


At times I feel like somebody who just does not get this crazy fashion world at all. My style is so weird and often changeable but I see it as generally safe. Whenever I see/hear of a fashion trend, it's usually insane. It puzzles me so deeply that I must go window shopping for shoes immediately to calm me down.

Gorgeous. Love them to pieces. I am now happy again. The panic has gone.

Can be bought here, but only if you have small feet! ( They don't have my size e_e )

Pink :3
Love looking at these, but would never buy them as
A, don't have the confidence to walk in them,
B, not a fan of wearing animal hide on any part of me... yeahhsorry.

Can be bought here.

 I thought these were cute.
 Find them here.

Tired now. Looking for shoes that don't revolt me is hard work.


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