Sunday, 7 July 2013

DRESS ANGUISH! :( [Summer Dress Trail]

WHY? WHY? Why is it so hard to find the right thing??!

Being tall is a blessing as much as it is a burden. Like I said, I've not overly clothes savvy - I would call it stylistically-awkward - but I DO have my own style, you know. I DO like to look nice, you know. I DO want to actually find what I am looking for once in a while, you know.

Okay. Welcome to my window shopping session.
I'm looking for a summer dress. The criteria.

- must be floor length, ie a maxi dress.
- must NOT be halterneck
- short sleeves or sleeveless
- must not have too much designs on it (ie. floral) must be relatively plain
- cotton/jersey or chiffon is preferred
- no slits in the skirt of the dress... for my own personal reasons (kind of self-conscious about my legs)
- underlining of skirt must (well, should) be same length as skirt
- a bright colour would be nice... but not pink.


(But only because I got a pink skirt recently that I wear all the time, heh. I had to pull myself away from the pink dresses.)

Love the daffodil yellow colour. Love the v-neck and simple curved neckline at the back, the ragged hem gives it a sort of elegance. Inner lining is shorter than the skirt, though. Also, it's not actually long enough for me (Dress length approx. 125 cm.) So... no. What a dang shame.

Again, love the pastel blue to bits, but same issues with the dress as above. I don't really want it to be an ankle swinger or hanging at the calf, and I don't want to end up getting loads and loads of dresses! It's so tempting!

Blue Dress Alternatives
I love the simple elegance of this gown and its in the same colour, great. It backless :( dang. Can you believe the length of size 10 is 121cm? That makes it shorter than the previous one! How can that be when it's the same model? Hmmm. Something strange is afoot.

A simple jersey dress, 140cm in length which is great, simple aztec design on the front which I don't really mind and actually compliments it. I like it, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to buy. Hmm...

Straight, skirts doesn't have too much of a flare, flattering floral design, I really really like this one. Yet, compared to the others, it's somehow not as stunning. Also, I don't know if it will suit me. Length is decent.

Gorgeousss XD Just gorgeous! But I'm not actually sure if I'm talking about the dress or the whole image. (The model looks good with her hair down for once!) The flappy bit over the bust, I could do without but its not a huge hindrance. I think its lovely. High up on the Blue Dress Replacement list.

Yellow Dress Alternatives
Adore this dress, the colour the shape of the skirt, and the neckline. Not crazy about the opening at the back but again, not a big deal. It won't kill me, ha. But at 125cm dress length, it's a little too short for what I was hoping to get.

I think it's really pretty, but my dear mother hated it on first sight. In a way, I can see why. Something about it isn't quite right. Possibly too much going on in terms of colour, design, or the ruffle-elastic bit at the neck and sleeves. I do like it, but I think I would look hideous in it.

Other Options
I adore this. It's identical to another dress I bought, but without the floral pattern and floor length. The length is pretty much perfect actually, at 152cm. In fact, that might be a bit too long!! The one downside is that I wish there were nicer colours, by that I mean brighter colours that look good in summer like pastels in pink, lilac, blue, green, yellow and so on. The other colours are dark reds, greens, blues, etc... who wants to wear that in summer?
... okay, someone might, but not me. :P

Despite what I just said about bright summery colours - and this dress being a contradiction - something about it appeals to me a lot. It's halter neck, which I normally don't like, but I somehow like that it starts from under the armpits, makes it a little bit different tot the usual. I like the horizontal ruffle at the torso, vertical at the legs. Its basically an intriguing item of clothing! Hahahaha

Quite plain, which is what I like, but now I wonder if it's too plain. After all, I live in London, summer only comes around once a year PLUS this year it was late. So I feel as if I should celebrate the sun with something a bit louder. My dear mother, however, loved this one and insisted I bought one for her.

What drew me to this first and foremost was the length, which is 134cm. It looks like the skirt will be quite wide, it also seems to have pleats on the bottom in the other pictures (click below). I'm not a fan of aztec designs but this gives a nice splash of colour to the all-white dress and I really like it for that.
First of all, I LOVE THE FALSE COLLAR! Why do I like it? I have no idea!! It should make the outfit look weird but in my eyes theres a quirkiness there and I'm definately gonna try out. Buyingmyself a false collar right now. Moreover, I like this dress and as with another one mentioned above, the colours are a bit Meh. In my opinion, the best one for summer is the nude beige one, and even then by itself its kind of boring. Love the style though. Length 129cm.

URGHHH there are loads and loads more but my brain is starting to hurt. As they're coming from overseas, I need to order them pretty quick as it could take up to four weeks to arrive... what's the point of dresses when summer is over? HA

Will give the verdict on what I chose tomorrow.

Peaceee. xx

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