Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Skirts And Converses

I love the skirts and converses look. I've never been a fan of skirts and trainers but converses are a very special type of trainer, aren't they? :3

I love the picture above. I was shopping online (as I ALWAAYS end up doing) and ended up here, and by the way it's in French. So the skirt can be bought at that link, although I was hoping for a plain skirt with no floral designs. I just love the picture.

Speaking of which, I saw another picture there that made me go 'Ooo' - yeah, it's the shoes.

But back on topic - I was remembering the first time I ever saw a skirt/dress and trainers together and wasn't immediately repulsed; now we all remember Lily Allen, don't we?

Ahh, Lily. Salutations to you.


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