Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer Dress Anguish - The Verdict!

This post follows on from this one about choosing a summer dress.

Here's what I chose.

For a yellow dress, I have decided to leave it. The only one I was truly considering was this one;

And in all honesty, its a bit shorter than what I wanted (125cm) plus the backless thing isn't really my style.

For the blue dresses, I had additionally found the following one, it's 130cm long and I think the pattern ain't all that bad. However it wasn't the light airy blue colour I wanted.

The dress below was high up on my list until I realised it was backless... (its in one of the other pictures) now it's somewhere near the bottom.

I have decided to get this oneee!
Getting it in purple and blue.

Now, completely unrelated,

Look what I found this morning! OH MY WORD ITS PINK! GORGEOUS! (Buy It Here)

Byeee! xx

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