Friday, 19 July 2013

This Week's 'The Stylist' Magazine [Issue 182, 17/07/13]

This week's The Stylist was hopelessly boring. Such a shame, because the last one I had was hopelessly engrossing, but that one had book reviews in it.

I got through it in five minutes and only slowed down at three places;

The blown-up single-page advert of The White Queen (adaption of Philippa Gregory's book) - I love how regal she looks.

Interview with Felicity Jones... it was interesting, although I have no idea who she is.

The Style Counsel spread on page 26-7, featuring a nice, healthy dose of PINK. Boo-yah.
Compiled By Bonnie Rakhit
Additional Research: Olivia Phillips

- click to enlarge-

Favourite shade - middle row, furthest left.
Favourite Design That I Wouldn't/Couldn't Wear - bottom row, furthest left.
Favourite Design That I Would Wear And Actually Now You Mention It Would Quite Like To Own - top row furthest left, or middle row in the middle.

Queenofpink .

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