Monday, 5 August 2013

Big Bold Black Dress

'Little' Black Dresses can be so striking. I don't actually own any because I am just coming out of a phase where a lot of clothes in my wardrobe were black and unflattering, but it is a topic worth mentioning in this virtual scrapbook. ^_^

So this is the result of the Little Black Dress trail (that I may have got carried away with)...

When it comes to dresses, I usually take the elegant route over the sexy so this would not be one for my closet. But I think its quite cute. Y'know. If you have a Size 0 waist.

The Front
The Back of the red version.
I like the unique style, the elegance of the lace sleeves and the daring of the open back. From the back, it even looks like a top and skirt. Quite nice.

This 'Swallow-tail dress' is simple, flattering, and so very cute. I love the little keyhole feature at the back.
Here (an ended auction, however =( )

Talk about a little black dress. THIS IS THE MINIEST THING EVER! I'd have to wear it as a long top because my bum would be falling out of that five different ways.
But like I said - if you're tiny, you'll probably look great in it. Caution: Not for demi-giants like moi.

If a dress is too edgy it'll turn my eyes away, but despite the simply odd gash at the shoulder, when its coupled with the slash up the side I can't draw my eyes away. Curious. I somehow like it.
(I'm probably crazy. It'll be my secret.)

Little at the front, long at the back, vest top at the front, X at the back, striking black, white hem. It's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous WITHOUT CONTRADICTION.

Cute, casual, girly, its the sort of thing you can dress up or down.
Uber-cool for something so plain, if you ask me.

Haven't spoken of Jade Rose in a while!

I will soon. I suppose I should share some of the actual concept design for her. Hmmmmm

Queenofpink .

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