Friday, 2 August 2013

Pink, Purple, Blue (Colour Trail)

Three colours that I really like to see together. I was browsing the online for shorts - yes, SHORTS this time - and I came across a site called ClothesMinded (geddit? Clothes-minded? Hahaha soo clever!) This was a delight to my eyes.

LOVE the shades of pink and purple, they complement each other perfectly. But as much as I like the outfit, I'm not dying to buy the shorts.

I also love this one. The lighter blue is a tad too bright and almost clashes with the fuschia jumper, but it JUST about works.

I'd been thinking about that colour combination because I recently came across maxi dresses on Oh My Love that I fell in love with, but I didn't like the plunging V at the back. It was enough to completely put me off. (I am self-conscious about certain body parts. Usually my butt but sometimes my back.)

I bought a pink top that was on sale in River Island recently. It's lace and cute and pastel pink. I LUV IT.

This is what I wore to Hyper Japan 2013;
Purple Watch - Marks & Spencer
Blue Tiger Top - H&M 
Pink Skirt - DCGEF Online Store (Buy It Here)

Right, better go now. I need to figure out what I am wearing today. Damn heck, it's raining.

.... jeans and a t-shirt.

Queenofpink .

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