Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Crop Tops

I never wear crop tops.

Besides my mother constantly warning that I'll damage my kidneys if I wear crop tops because the chill on my lower back will somehow ruin them for life, I have generally never been comfortable showing off my midriff to strangers. However, a style solution recently came to my attention - how about crop tops and high-waisted skirts/trousers?

Now, at first I was excited. Then I was appalled. 'What's the point? why not just wear a normal top and trousers?' But the crop + high-waisted gives it a unique look, and I wouldn't actually be revealing anything. The only reason I was considering this at all is becasue I saw some crops that I liked but was reluctant to buy. Let me share my eBay browsings with you...

^ Boohoo 'Amelia' Floral Crop Top (Found Here)
I'm in love with this one. I ADORE the colours (remember how I said I love pastels?), the cut-out shirt design is really interesting, and its egenerally very cute. I don't usually like things so daring or anything floral, actually. But I do adore this. Boohoo is in my good books right now. They also had this floral peplum top that I ADORE, and I don't know why or how because I dislike peplum-style as much as I dislike florals!

^ Pink 'Love' Crop Top (Found Here)
I loved this at the time. Now I'm writing this post, I don't know what on  EARTH I was thinking.

.... I think I only clicked on it because it was pink.

^ Boohoo 'Jemma' Cross-Stripe Crop Top (Found Here)
I both like this and I don't. The cross is not very tidy, kinda messy, wonky, sloppy... *laughing* okay, I'm overdoing it. But seriously, something about it isn't as flawless as it should be, but the colours are nice and subtle. The Black and White version makes my eyes hurt, so I will tactfully skip that one.

^ Boohoo 'Anya' Wet-Look Crop Top (Found Here)
I told you Boohoo's in my good books right now, right? Well, I really like this one, it's very daring and risque, so much so that I don't think I'd ever wear it, but I admire it in a way. The model wears it nicely (they always do, naturally XD ) but I think the top has its own merit as well... okay, I don't know what I'm talking about. =]

^ White Lace And Mesh Crop Top (Found Here)
I think this one is actualy GORGEOUS, but I not sure if I'm talking about the top or the photo here, because generally speaking, the entire look is gorgeous (her hair is pretty =] ). The top by itself is probably quite average but the way the model styles it is lovely. I was so 'WOW' about it that I was actually going to buy - until I realised the back was completely seethrough, which put me of it completely. I really hate it when I see something I adore and then I realise something which makes me go 'Okay nevermind NEVERMIND!!!'

Tired now. Thanks for reading. More window shopping tomorrow!

(for no other reason than to pass the time and take my mind of depression. Not just mine - pretty much everybody around me right now. It's really upsetting. =( ) Soooo WINDOW SHOPPING TOMORROW!

Queenofpink xx


  1. Hello from Spain: thanks for your visit to my blog dedicated to Barbies. Fashion and beauty are some of my passions. I really like your style. Nice pictures. I tried to become a follower of your blog but your banner does not work. I'll try later. Keep in touch

    1. Wow, from Spain?! Hola! =] Thanks very much, I'm glad you liked it! I'll do my best to keep it up, haha. I don't know why the Follower widget doesn't work, but Google have been messing about with it lately. Never mind. Thanks for your sweet comment!