Monday, 16 December 2013

Pink-Blog Spotting: Sakuranko, Marta, Kailey =]

I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a fellow pinkpunk pinkqueen pinker =D and I came across the Sakuranko blog today, which is a makeup blog and it's really gorgeous. I just adore it, although I'm not much into make-up, more clothes really.

Also, I must recommend Marta's All 4 Barbie blog because it's really sweet and I love all of the creative images. Marta is from Spain (!!) and was so kind as to leave a comment on this blog. Please show some love! =]

Finally, the Mermaidens blog I came across simply by accident but I love the style. I particularly like the post of the link below; the first picture I adored because of the tranquil backdrop and the pastels... you know how I feel about pastels =]

- cold outside, loud inside <3

That's all folks!!

I will keep my eyes peeled for more rosey magenta-ey bubblegummy cutesey pretty lovely blogs.
And clothes. XD

Queenofpink .


  1. Hello from Spain: many thank for recommending my blog. I will visit the other blogs. Keep in touch

  2. Sakuranko, here blog is sooo amazing Ö thank you for sharing her blog :) I think it's amazing to discover new blogs ^-^

    1. You're welcome =] I've found a lot of new blogs lately! It's all very inspiring and motivating to improve mine!