Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pink Spotting: Willow Smith

I have no idea how old or new this picture is, and I don't much care.

HER HAIR - !  =]

Oh... of course, her outfit is very cute too. :)
But y'know... I was Pink Spotting so.... hair first.

Queenofpink xx


  1. Nice
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  2. Haha :D I adore it that she is so daring to color her hair pink!

    1. I agree! It's becoming a much more accepted part of fashion culture to have your hair all sorts of colours now. When I was younger, it was really rare for me to see colours other than the standard, usually it was the girls who were really loud or dressed in black or whatever. They'd go down to this place called Camden and buy this cheap stuff that would have their roots turning grey! O_O

      Now you get celebrities making it exciting and popular, though of course it was becoming popular before that. The moment that really hit me was when Helen Mirren dyed her hair pink. I was like Wooowww, this thing has really caught on... and she looked great too =] I'm less wowed by all the colours now, though I still find it really cool. Especially pink hair. XD

  3. Love it! Of course pink looks beautiful everywhere! ;)

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