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Happy New Year's Eve.

All of my blogs will be updated tomorrow. ALL OF THEM.
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If you haven't seen it, check out the Google Doodle animation, it's soo cute. or you can see it here on my personal blog.

As a roundup to 2013, I thought it would be nice to talk about my favourite style discovery of this year. *hem hem* - it's lace. I think it's so elegant. Lace tops, to be precise, but lace skirts with an underlining are pretty too. So I've been on a Lace Trail since God knows when.

I've had quite a lot in my eBay watch/wish list for ages, so I will post them here and decide once and for all whether I'm buying or... what. I noticed a lot of them are white =D Interesting, as I have virtually no white clothes in my wardrobe! It's quite a lot, so I'll minimise the comments.

This is the top they said was 'beige'. It is not beige. It is grey.

^ Lace Peplum Top (Sold By Zeta Ville Fashion)
I mentioned before that I bought this top. Mint wasn't available (GAHHHHH) so I bought beige, but it looks nothing like the picture. It's actually more like GREY. (See the pic I took above. See? Did they up the contrast or something?) So I returned it for a white. You can never go wrong with white. I mean, white is white, right?

Wrong. My Mum said it looked cream. *sigh*

I really like Zeta Ville. They sell Italian-style clothing and I've seen a lot of their stuff that's made me go 'Ooh. Wish List!'

I didn't realise the back was see-through =/ It'll be okay if I wear a black bra though, right? =O

White Lace Falbala Blouse (Sold Here)
This top is just GORGEOUSSSS. I'm not usually into square shoulders but here it looks somehow cute! I am investing in this top with all of my pocket money power. =]

< LOOK 1 - The studio pictures shows the model with different looks and I liked that too. I love the waist on these shorts, how the hips are higher than the navel. It's so unique.
 < LOOK 2 - I love the flared skirt, it's got a subtle colour and the waist has that little dip in the middle. I've never seen a skirt like it.
< LOOK 3 - pencil skirt makes the whole outfit twice as smart. This shirt is way more versatile than it seems!

Jane Norman Lace Bandeau Top (Sold by Jane Norman Outlet Store)
I think I may have said that I'm not much drawn to tops without any sleeves at all, but this is lovely. I wouldn't buy it, I think, but still, it's a nice subtle colour. I wish it had sleeves.

Sheer Lace Crochet/ Embroidery Blouse (Sold Here!)
I LOVE this. I love it. I can't wait to get one. I feel like it sits on the border between smart and showy really nicely. Great summer wear. Ha, can't believe I'm dreaming of summer already.

More below...

^ White Lace Sleeve Top With Neck-Tie (Found Here)
I love the little things that makes this top a little different to all the others I saw, firstly the wide cuffs at the sleeve, and next the neck tie which makes it that bit more unique.

The back is plain and not see-through like the Zeta Ville one, which is good.

Europe-Style Crochet-Sleeve Top (Sold Here)

(I was kind of taken in by the model's face. She has a very unique look. =] )

I like this top. The crochet pattern means you can see the shapes a lot clearer. The only thing is, it seems a bit shapeless and doesn't imitate a figure, which could be nice or not nice, depending. I quite like it, but I don't think I would buy.

Patty Fashions Polo Neck Lace Top (Sold Here by Patty Fashions)

Yaaaaay, Patty Fashions!!

I discovered this e-shop quite a while ago, they sell a lot of things that are very much my style, so I end up on there a lot. I haven't bought anything yet, as one top is around £20 so I can't go crazy shopping!

I MIGHT buy. Still pondering!

Patty Fashions V-Neck Lace Sleeve Top (Sold Here by Patty Fashions)

V-neck. Similar to the above.

One thing I noticed with quite a bit of Patty Fashions clothes is the necklace is quite low on a lot of the casual tops, so they all seem a bit... what is the word, daring? I dunno. My point is, it's not really me. Hmm...

KDK London Lace Contrast Textured Top (Sold Here by KDK London Outlet Store)

I love the false sweetheart neckline below the actual neckline. I'm really into that.
... and the pink. Dunno how I feel about this shade!

And can't believe I'm saying that about pink!

Lace Flared/Swing Blouse (Sold Here)
Well, you can see where it's from on the watermark, but this is one of those tops that you might find in a lot of online e-shops that sell clothes within a certain price bracket.

I love the triangle neck and the flare at the hips. Which I SUPPOSE would be peplum.

Hey, maybe I've figured it out why I don't like peplum! The top looks too small for the person wearing it. I like it much better like this, when the flare starts at the hips and not at the waist.

Lace Crochet Sleeveless Vest (Here for the item I found, and here for the search.)

This one, I posted a link to the eBay search because SO MANY PEOPLE are selling it that the one I found may not be the cheapest one. It appears to be an imitation of something a celebrity wore, which is why I think it's so popular, but I don't really care about that, I never pay attention to celebrity fashion. I just thought it was so pretty. Look at the embroidery!

Fitted Lace Swing Top (Here and Here for the search)

You'd need to go the search as the listing has ended.

Same as I said about the other swing blouse.

Polo Neck Sleeveless Lace Top (Here)

Lovely, simple, modest, elegant. What more is there to say?


Okaaaay, bonus round! Yay ^_^

Boohoo Nina Lace Midi Tube Skirt (Sold by Boohoo Outlet Store)

The whole outfit is striking but the skirt adds a special something. I like how only part of it is underlined so you can see the pattern of the lace.

Boohoo Abi V-Neck, Lace Back, Sleeveless Midi Dress (Sold by Boohoo Outlet Store)

This dress is so striking. I don't think I could ever pull it off but I do admire it.

It's so simple, but the most you see the lace back it's something else entirely! It's one of a kind and eye-catching. I really like it.

I know it has a plunging neckline but... I suppose I'll have to make an exception and bear the guilt of being a hypocrite! (e_e)

Oxblood-colour Elise Ryan Lace Skater Dress with Pleated Skirt (Here for search results)

This dress is GORGEOUSS. It's so amazingly beautiful! I want it sooo muchhh :'(

I love all of the detail in the picture below.

And thennn..... I didn't want it so much anymore >=(

This was not was I was expecting !!!

And the front was so pretty...

The thing to remember with most of the items above is that as they are on eBay, more sellers will appear selling new items at a fixed price, possibly at a lower price than what I found it for at first. It's always worth putting the title back into the search in case someone is selling the same thing for less. Also, it may be on an auction, and some auctions start from 99p or even 1p!

Also, as you may have guessed I like ordering from overseas, not just because of price but because the fashion is so different to western style. I find things I'd never find if I went shopping in Westfield London. UK sellers do sell these things too but you'd have to put it into the search criteria.

I might do a post on bargain-hunting on eBay. I could tell the story of how I bagged a mint green maxi chiffon skirt at £4, brand new and tagged! Normally about... £10 or something? XD Had to wait 4 weeks for it but I was sooo happyyy. I tell ya, I love bargain hunting.

(I was gonna do this juuust before midnight but I felt a bit queasy. I'll sleep and post tomorrow.)

Queenofpink .


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