Thursday, 12 December 2013

Winter Buys

Winter is coming, ahoy ahoy!

Just thought I'd share some of the things I bought for the oncoming winter, sadly little of them are pink =( but NEVAMINEE! Here we go.

^ Faux-Fur Lined Jacket (Bought Here)
I bought it as an auction (so it's ended now) but I've put in the link for the Buy-It-Now. I've needed a hoodie for quite a long time so when I spotted this, I was like 'Aha!' My original plan was to get the Official The Legend Of Zelda hoodie, I already have a t-shirt and its awesome but expensive, being official and all. This hoodie feels so luxurious and looks really sweet. I got the wine colour which goes great with my converses, which are the same shade.

^ ASOS Linen Midi Skirt (Found Here)
Again, the listing has ended so i've put a link to the search. I got black but I also wanted yellow, which is a beautiful daffodil colour. There's also white and red. I ADORE this skirt. I has bought this one a long time ago and realised how much I loved the elegance of long skirts on me. I think I much prefer 'elegant' to 'sexy' as a style, and I've worn my long skirts a lot more than my short ones in the last year. I haven't yet worn this one because I adore it so much! I'm saving it for a special occasion... but I promise I'll wear it soon!

^ Heart Buckle Leather Gloves (Bought Here)
On my other personal blog, I went into detail about my agony with gloves, so this year I had to be certain I had gloves that wouldn't ice my fingers when the weather gets bitingly cold. I also needed to make sure my mum had a good pair, because last year wasn't too great for her either in the gloves department!
I bought these for Mum, which I think are just adorablee, with the little heart buckle and everything =] And I bought the below ones for me. When I received them, mine were thicker than these ones, but these ones were so COMFORTABLE! So I ordered another pair for me, BUT... as they're hand made, every one is slightly different. Thus, out of the 3 pairs I bought, my Mum's pair are still the more comfortable! Dangit. Ahh, neveeermineee.

^ Bowknot Leather Gloves (Bought Here)
Yeah... description above ^ nothing else to say, really!

^ Faux-Fur Wrist Warmer (Found Here)
I thought this was quite cute, although I suppose I was taken by the fact that it was ridiculously cheap (like, a pound. ONE POUND!) My idea was to wear them over the leather gloves, partly for extra warmth, partly for style. I loved the colour of the Camel one so I went with that, although it really goes with nothing I own. Probably should've got black or grey, but oh well.

^ Faux-Fur Wrist Warmer [Fingerless Mittens] (Found Here)
By the time I found this, I had to wonder at why so many of my purchases included faux fur!!! I don't think it's even THAT warm. Anyway, I was drawn to it because of the earlier one, I thought it would be nice and also the wine red would go with my new hoodie and converses - and then I remembered that I don't think converses are the shoes to wear when it's that cold!!

I did buy a lace top as well O_O but that's a secret, I'm supposed to be saving so I won't talk about that!! Neverminee ^_^

Queenofpink xx

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  1. Hello from Spain: great proposals. I like Asos skirt. Also the first parka is fabulous in red. Keep in touch