Friday, 31 January 2014

What...? AGAIN-?!: Expectation vs. Reality

v REALITY: grey

SECOND (Boohoo Outlet)

^ EXPECTATION: baby pink
v REALITY: neon pink

- s i g h -

Why does this happen to maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ????!!!!

Maybe I'm too picky. That's always a possibility. Despite my disappointment, I tried it on with my pale pink jeans to see if I could 'style it out'. I asked my Mum for a second opinion (my sister wasn't around) and even she agreed that it was a failed attempt.

Still waiting on my refund from Boohoo.

Queenofpink JR xx
(maybe I should start putting JR's picture after every post... =/ )

Sunday, 26 January 2014

TRAIL !!! Jane Norman / Pink Gingham Tops !

Hi Hi and Hi.

I haven't spoken about Gingham before except in this post, but basically, it's something I'm mad about at the moment. I never said, but I purchased this top ages ago. It's this GORGEOUS, absolutely gorgeous pink Jane Norman gypsy bodice corset floral flowery chiffon gingham type top-vest thing. XD It's wonderful. It's also TOO. SMALL.

Isn't it interesting how the lighting can dramatically change how something looks? :D

So I'm selling it on eBay =(

I'm sooo gutted. GUTTED! It's a Size 10, my size, but comes up like an 8, or maybe even a 6. I'm desperately searching for it in a 12, or for a similar alternative (of which Jane Norman seems to have a few) but with no avail. I will continue the quest.

 Search results from Google, but all were eBay listings already ended =(

hugsnkizzez from
Star & Queenofpink JR.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pink Spotting: Oh My Dior

Pink Spotting again, this time I found some pink. Oooh yeah. Cool Shades are on, guys. =]

So this blog is called, hem-hem - OH MY DIOR. (Has a nice ring, yes? c: ) On the post called Colours For Blonde Hair (linked above), Pauline presents these amazing collages of potential mix and match items for those with blonde hair. It is incredibly inspiring, I am going to post one here and hopefully you can see for yourself...

click to enlarge -
Disclaimer: I do not own this picture

I left a comment on the post which I was gonna summarise, but then I thought, might as well just copy the middle bit XD LAZINESS PREVAILS

"I think most colours look good with blonde hair. I think it depends on how it's matched with other colours and accessorised. For example as I'm black, I always thought green and orange were too colours I should never touch, but I've seen many black women in wonderful outfits where either green or orange is the primary colour, and they look stunning. So I think it really depends.
Also I think that 'blonde' refers to a wide range of hair tones, so the shade that might look good on a strawberry blonde may be more or less effective if you have bleach blonde hair or other varieties. And also the shade of the colour you are wearing. I've always thought pink looks great on pretty much all shades of blonde, but bright/baby blue mainly for the lighter-coloured blonde hair, but that's just me :3 Also, I still love the colour blocking trend. It is still very much my style now!!!"

I forgot to say, but I also think your complexion matters. Is a person dyed their hair blonde, what colours they can wear and how they wear them will probably be different if they're dark skinned to if they're light skinned.

It's such an invigorating topic! I never realised I could yap on about something so much (e_e)

- click to enlarge -
Disclaimer: I do not own this picture

This image from the Oh My Dior blog really messes with me as well. Love the outfit on the left so much!! That skirt is simply incredible, I want one very much :3 Two colours I love with pink are lilac and grey. Oooo, make that three!!! Lilac, grey, and baby blue. They are absolutely the bomb, the bees knees, the three muska... fantastic four...?

Queenofpink xx

P.S. I've found so much more interesting bloggers over the past 3 months. I've found loads more bloggers in general. It's great! ^.^

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ashamed To Admit My Own Fashion Failings. Really.

Today I had to go out with my mum, but....

- S i g h -

I don't know what happened.

I put on navy blue tights and this ivy green dress that I wear as a skirt. That was fine. I've worn that combo before, it looks quite nice.

Then I put on a pink jumper over the dress and wore my grey winter coat over that. I've always loved soft pink and grey together.

My plan was to wear my brown boots but in the end I wore my black dolly shoes because I wanted to be comfortable (boots are kinda comfortable... kinda not. basically not.)

Then my small handbag was brown, but I needed to carry a notebook and stuff with me so I carried this purple drawstring bag, forgetting that it's really bright and just adding to the already dangerous mix of colours.

The result is that I ended up looking like a bleeding harlequin! I had on; navy, green, pink, grey, black, brown and purple - all in one outfit, horribly breaking my own No More Than 3 Colours rules. I must say I was ashamed of myself. If I zipped my coat up, the two main colours would be hidden but when me and my Mum got inside where we were going, it was really hot in there so had to take it off. I didn't mean to go on about it but I think I must have because my Mum suddenly said, "But I think you look really nice! You stand out!" And I was like, yeahhh I get your point, but I do believe there's standing out in a good way, which is usually carefully planned beforehand, and standing out in a bad way, which is unintentional.

I'm sorry everybody. I have made a vow to improve.

Oh yeah, I had a black hat on. Oh... I thought I wore my grey hat today.... just gets worse, dunnit?


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

DID YOU KNOW about the Clear Clutch ?!!?!

Discovered on the Delicate Dolly blog. Is this a 'thing' now.. ?!

=D How very interesting!

- click to enlarge -

Delicate Dolly Blog - Klear Klutch post

Queenofpink xx

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pink Spotting... FAIL!: Fashion Secrets With Oksana

I was doing my usual Pink Spotting rounds on fellow fashion bloggers'... blogs. :) I didn't find any pink on Fashion Secrets With Oksana, so... yeah :( But it's such a great blog that I thought I'd mention it anyway!

Image above does not belong to me.

I ADORE the above outfit. I have never been much of a stud fan, but it really adds to the edgy look here. The leather skirt and mock-suspender tights just complete the look.

One more thing, remember my post on Lace?

The Fashion Secrets With Oksana blog also has a post on lace for SS13. I thought it was great for inspiration. Lace always fuels my fashion fire.

Image above does not belong to me.

Love from London! <3

Queenofpink xx

Friday, 10 January 2014


As of 10/01/14.

A long time ago, I purchased these sandals: they're called High and Dry, and they're by Iron Fist. (Did I talk about them in this post?) But I had to send them back because they were... *sigh*... too small.

The problem with Iron Fist shoes is that the selection of shoes that they do in my size (size 9!!) actually come up like a size 8. So basically, I might as well pretend that there IS no size 9. Which is a shame, because they have shoes with incredible designs. They also have shoes with incredibly weird and wacky designs, shoes I wouldn't even think out wearing, but that daringness (I don't think that's a word... but Google Spellcheck hasn't stopped me yet!!) makes their brand so unique.

They seem to special in platform heels, BRIGHT colours, loud ornamentation... many of the designs feature symbols and imagery often seen on gothic style shoes and clothes, like skulls, monsters, zombies - abstract art of that nature. The twist Iron Fist puts on them is that they're extremely colourful!

It's the splash of colours that caught my interest in the first place. Here's a brief presentation of my faves! ^_^

'Love Me Now' design
HERE for the selection (Google Shopping)
HERE for the Peep Toe Platform Heels (eBay Stores)

I love the contrasting orange & purple, and the bow!
'La Reina' design
HERE for the selection (Google Shopping)
HERE for the shoes (eBay Stores)
HERE for the shoes (Iron Fist Website)

So bright, so colourful!
'Ring Pop' design (they've got the same design on Ballerinas, Wedges, Pumps, Bags, etc)
HERE for the selection (Google Shopping)
HERE for Ring Pop Wedge Heels (eBay Stores)
HERE for Ring Pop Ballerinas (Iron Fist website)

Oh my goshhhh. All those candy colours.
'Sweets For My Sweet' design
HERE for the selection (Google shopping)
HERE for the heels (eBay)
HERE for flats (Iron Fist Website)

I've never seen a prettier shade of blue on a shoe. Truth.
Siren Platform Shoes
HERE (on The Alternative Store)

(I wish they had them ^ in pink =( )'s different!
Starry Night Platform Shoes
HERE (on the Iron Fist site)

Loove the ornamentation hanging down at the buckle. The rest of it.... ehhhh notsomuch.
Smoking Poodle Platform Shoes
HERE (eBay)

See what I mean? O_O Like I said, I don't always like the designs,
but I appreciate the authenticity!! It's innovative.
'Timmy Chew' design
HERE for the selection (Google Shopping)
HERE for the Platform Heels (eBay Store )
HERE for the Platform Booties (eBay Store)

Queenofpink xx

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Colourblock / Contrast Colour Trail

Still here?
Hey, we made it to 2014. Yay.

She's soooo cute with an afro. So cute. My little Jadey. =]

As I said before, all blogs will be updated today;
Alter-Ego Writer, Image Archive, Pink Sovereign, DVTJ, & BGF.

On this blog I'm starting 2014 by thinking about how I'd like to grow as a person, and that includes how I want to represent myself to other people. As appearance plays a big part in that, I'm thinking about what I'd like to add to my wardrobe. As I said yesterday, I discovered I like lace a lot.

Another thing I realised I adore is Colourblock or Colour Contrast clothes.

I've kind of grown out of clothes with words on them or cute little pictures. Not a huge fan of floral, frills, checked or spotted clothes. Don't mind stripes. I prefer simple colours, maybe one two or three, and the actual top itself with the design. As you can tell from the lace tops, they are one colour, as the point of interest is the fact that the top is made out of lace. The lace is floral, yeah - but see, then I don't mind it so much =]

Boohoo Bella Textured Knit Jumper (Sold Here)
Love the block of black halfway down the sleeves, makes it stand out.

Pastel Cold Shoulder Top (Sold Here)
Casual and simple, but that contrast colour makes it interesting. Plus I loves the spotty leggings :3

Contrast Colour Crop Top (Sold Here)
I love both this one and the above. Simple and striking.

Colour Block Batwing Sleeve Top (Here)
Okay, dude, I LOVE this oneee. I cannot wait to get my hands on the Black-Yellow-Pink.

I have a thing for contrasting sleeve-colours right now! It's not wacky, but its different enough to be interesting.

Korean Style Colour Block Loose Top (Here)
. I am often in to minds about this.

The cons is that it's kind of shapeless, and with [1] irregular hem], [2] diagonal colour block, and [3] slits on the sleeves, it makes the whole thing look just MESSY.

Pros is that it's also EDGY, which I really like. So I guess I'll be buying one :3


Cotton Contrast Colour Sweater With Logo (Here)
With this and the two above, I absolutely adore the splash of colours. Adoree. My favourite is the black and grey, with the pink-blue sleeve. The problem is, that 'Child Logo' is SO TERRIBLY annoying! I'm sorry to be a grouch. But I really can't stand that logo! >=( Unless I can find a way to get that logo off, I'm just not sure. About ANYTHING *cry*

Knitted Solid Zip Dress Jumper (Here)
I'm really nuts about this. And I simply can't decide Black or pink, though I'm sure I will end up getting pink. The knitted pattern makes the jumper look like it has scales on it, which I just adore! =D

More Below...