Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ashamed To Admit My Own Fashion Failings. Really.

Today I had to go out with my mum, but....

- S i g h -

I don't know what happened.

I put on navy blue tights and this ivy green dress that I wear as a skirt. That was fine. I've worn that combo before, it looks quite nice.

Then I put on a pink jumper over the dress and wore my grey winter coat over that. I've always loved soft pink and grey together.

My plan was to wear my brown boots but in the end I wore my black dolly shoes because I wanted to be comfortable (boots are kinda comfortable... kinda not. basically not.)

Then my small handbag was brown, but I needed to carry a notebook and stuff with me so I carried this purple drawstring bag, forgetting that it's really bright and just adding to the already dangerous mix of colours.

The result is that I ended up looking like a bleeding harlequin! I had on; navy, green, pink, grey, black, brown and purple - all in one outfit, horribly breaking my own No More Than 3 Colours rules. I must say I was ashamed of myself. If I zipped my coat up, the two main colours would be hidden but when me and my Mum got inside where we were going, it was really hot in there so had to take it off. I didn't mean to go on about it but I think I must have because my Mum suddenly said, "But I think you look really nice! You stand out!" And I was like, yeahhh I get your point, but I do believe there's standing out in a good way, which is usually carefully planned beforehand, and standing out in a bad way, which is unintentional.

I'm sorry everybody. I have made a vow to improve.

Oh yeah, I had a black hat on. Oh... I thought I wore my grey hat today.... just gets worse, dunnit?


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