Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Colourblock / Contrast Colour Trail

Still here?
Hey, we made it to 2014. Yay.

She's soooo cute with an afro. So cute. My little Jadey. =]

As I said before, all blogs will be updated today;
Alter-Ego Writer, Image Archive, Pink Sovereign, DVTJ, & BGF.

On this blog I'm starting 2014 by thinking about how I'd like to grow as a person, and that includes how I want to represent myself to other people. As appearance plays a big part in that, I'm thinking about what I'd like to add to my wardrobe. As I said yesterday, I discovered I like lace a lot.

Another thing I realised I adore is Colourblock or Colour Contrast clothes.

I've kind of grown out of clothes with words on them or cute little pictures. Not a huge fan of floral, frills, checked or spotted clothes. Don't mind stripes. I prefer simple colours, maybe one two or three, and the actual top itself with the design. As you can tell from the lace tops, they are one colour, as the point of interest is the fact that the top is made out of lace. The lace is floral, yeah - but see, then I don't mind it so much =]

Boohoo Bella Textured Knit Jumper (Sold Here)
Love the block of black halfway down the sleeves, makes it stand out.

Pastel Cold Shoulder Top (Sold Here)
Casual and simple, but that contrast colour makes it interesting. Plus I loves the spotty leggings :3

Contrast Colour Crop Top (Sold Here)
I love both this one and the above. Simple and striking.

Colour Block Batwing Sleeve Top (Here)
Okay, dude, I LOVE this oneee. I cannot wait to get my hands on the Black-Yellow-Pink.

I have a thing for contrasting sleeve-colours right now! It's not wacky, but its different enough to be interesting.

Korean Style Colour Block Loose Top (Here)
. I am often in to minds about this.

The cons is that it's kind of shapeless, and with [1] irregular hem], [2] diagonal colour block, and [3] slits on the sleeves, it makes the whole thing look just MESSY.

Pros is that it's also EDGY, which I really like. So I guess I'll be buying one :3


Cotton Contrast Colour Sweater With Logo (Here)
With this and the two above, I absolutely adore the splash of colours. Adoree. My favourite is the black and grey, with the pink-blue sleeve. The problem is, that 'Child Logo' is SO TERRIBLY annoying! I'm sorry to be a grouch. But I really can't stand that logo! >=( Unless I can find a way to get that logo off, I'm just not sure. About ANYTHING *cry*

Knitted Solid Zip Dress Jumper (Here)
I'm really nuts about this. And I simply can't decide Black or pink, though I'm sure I will end up getting pink. The knitted pattern makes the jumper look like it has scales on it, which I just adore! =D

More Below...

"Be Happy" Printed Tee (Here) =]
... just to remind me about the good things in life. I'd get a yellow one. =]

Layered Chiffon Vest/Blouse (Here)
I know it's a bit early, but look, summer is around the corner, really *laughingg* as soon as London can jump over the winter hurdle in February =/

Grey & Orange Colour Black Vest-Tunic (Here, but listing has ended :( )
It's strange, but nice. like a cross between a vest and a dress. I don't think i'd buy, but it deserves to be in this collection. DE-FI-NA-TEZ.

House Of Fraiser Colour Block Dress (Here)
I've has my eye on this for ages. It looks a lot like something similar I bought from H&M, so i won't buy it but... *sighh.* It's really nice.

Korean Style Contrast Colour Top (Here)
I love it's baggy, sloppy look. the sleeves look different at the front than they do at the back, which I really dig.

Faux Leather Sleeve Tee (Here)
It's cute. It's pink. Need I say more?


O_O It's awesome too! c:

Contrast Colour Zip Detail Fit Vest Top (Here)
... I... am still making up my mind about this.

PVC Leather Sleeves GEEK Slogan Sweatshirt (Here)
I love this, but as I said aaages ago, I don't like the 'GEEK' slogan. Never did. My pet peeve, I guess.

JBJ Chiffon Plaid Collar T-Shirt (Sold Here by Jooby Joo)
It's so cute! IT'S SO CUTE!

Plaid Jumper (Here)
Again, that casual look. I love this sweater... shame I have a lot of sweaters like it.

None in those colours though. Or with that pattern.

"Mamas and Papas" Herringbone Maternity Jumper (Here)
You are asking, 'Why's she put a MATERNITY jumper in here?!'

Because it's GORGEOUS, that's why!!! I wish it wasn't maternity, I'd snap this up in a shot! I love the colours, and it's HERRINGBONEE (iloveherringbone.)

Never mind. I HONESTLY don't see me having any children so I'll take the hurt of this like the time I wanted that playsuit but the eller didn't have my size. *sigh* it still hurts, man.


KDK LONDON Textured Bodycon Top & Midi Skirt (Sold Here by KDK London Outlet Store)
Matching top and skirt! I love the panelling on this. Quite unique.

PU Cross Polka Dot Dress (Here)
... I think the cross is what gets me. I don't know if I love it or hate it. =/

Mesh PU Leather Skater Dress (Here)
I love the design, the colours... notsosure.

Boohoo Aveline Ombre Skinny Jeans (Sold Here by Boohoo Outlet)
I love this! I love this! Don't you love this? =]
No? =|
BOOO. >=(

ASOS Colourblock Maxi Skirt (Sold Here on ASOS)
The block colours... perfection.

Boohoo Vivienne Boulevard Photographic Leggings (Sold Here By Boohoo Outlet)
Ooh la la, right?! Look, you can see the skyline! So cool! A post on leggings is coming up, just wait. ^_^

Two Tone Zip Detail Leather Gloves (Sold Here)
Again, the colour contrast is so striking. These re the gloves I was seriously considering getting before I ended up with the ones in this post.

... I may have gone a bit overboard.

Queenofpink xx


  1. Great picks!! I am in love with those gloves! :)

    Happy New Year!! <3

    New Blog Post: Ways to Add More Joy to Your Days in 2014

    1. Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!

      Ahh I liked these gloves as well, but in the end I got the ones I talked about in my Winter Buys post. Thanks for the comment!

  2. great selection of items!!
    what about follow each other?
    Let me know :)
    Have a wonderful week-end <3

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    1. Sure! It's always great to expand one's blogging network :3

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      Thanks for your comment, and (belated) Happy New Year!

  3. I love the plaid jumper!


    1. Thank you Melanie! It was nice of you to comment. I enjoy reading your blog ^_^

  4. Happy New Year Babe.....

    Like the jumpers.

    1. And to you Vivian! Keep up with your blog, it's really great!

  5. No ideal why but follow you. Tired to do it last week and today but no luck still

    1. Yeahhhh, I've been told that before... =/

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