Friday, 10 January 2014


As of 10/01/14.

A long time ago, I purchased these sandals: they're called High and Dry, and they're by Iron Fist. (Did I talk about them in this post?) But I had to send them back because they were... *sigh*... too small.

The problem with Iron Fist shoes is that the selection of shoes that they do in my size (size 9!!) actually come up like a size 8. So basically, I might as well pretend that there IS no size 9. Which is a shame, because they have shoes with incredible designs. They also have shoes with incredibly weird and wacky designs, shoes I wouldn't even think out wearing, but that daringness (I don't think that's a word... but Google Spellcheck hasn't stopped me yet!!) makes their brand so unique.

They seem to special in platform heels, BRIGHT colours, loud ornamentation... many of the designs feature symbols and imagery often seen on gothic style shoes and clothes, like skulls, monsters, zombies - abstract art of that nature. The twist Iron Fist puts on them is that they're extremely colourful!

It's the splash of colours that caught my interest in the first place. Here's a brief presentation of my faves! ^_^

'Love Me Now' design
HERE for the selection (Google Shopping)
HERE for the Peep Toe Platform Heels (eBay Stores)

I love the contrasting orange & purple, and the bow!
'La Reina' design
HERE for the selection (Google Shopping)
HERE for the shoes (eBay Stores)
HERE for the shoes (Iron Fist Website)

So bright, so colourful!
'Ring Pop' design (they've got the same design on Ballerinas, Wedges, Pumps, Bags, etc)
HERE for the selection (Google Shopping)
HERE for Ring Pop Wedge Heels (eBay Stores)
HERE for Ring Pop Ballerinas (Iron Fist website)

Oh my goshhhh. All those candy colours.
'Sweets For My Sweet' design
HERE for the selection (Google shopping)
HERE for the heels (eBay)
HERE for flats (Iron Fist Website)

I've never seen a prettier shade of blue on a shoe. Truth.
Siren Platform Shoes
HERE (on The Alternative Store)

(I wish they had them ^ in pink =( )'s different!
Starry Night Platform Shoes
HERE (on the Iron Fist site)

Loove the ornamentation hanging down at the buckle. The rest of it.... ehhhh notsomuch.
Smoking Poodle Platform Shoes
HERE (eBay)

See what I mean? O_O Like I said, I don't always like the designs,
but I appreciate the authenticity!! It's innovative.
'Timmy Chew' design
HERE for the selection (Google Shopping)
HERE for the Platform Heels (eBay Store )
HERE for the Platform Booties (eBay Store)

Queenofpink xx


  1. WOW, these are great statement shoes! I love the first ones! ;)

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog sweetie! <3

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    1. Thanks for YOUR comment, and you're very welcome. =]