Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pink Spotting... FAIL!: Fashion Secrets With Oksana

I was doing my usual Pink Spotting rounds on fellow fashion bloggers'... blogs. :) I didn't find any pink on Fashion Secrets With Oksana, so... yeah :( But it's such a great blog that I thought I'd mention it anyway!

Image above does not belong to me.

I ADORE the above outfit. I have never been much of a stud fan, but it really adds to the edgy look here. The leather skirt and mock-suspender tights just complete the look.

One more thing, remember my post on Lace?

The Fashion Secrets With Oksana blog also has a post on lace for SS13. I thought it was great for inspiration. Lace always fuels my fashion fire.

Image above does not belong to me.

Love from London! <3

Queenofpink xx