Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Liebster Blog Award... Again!

To my astonishment, I have been nominated again by the wonderful Inger Anna Jones of So You Want To Be A Writer Blog. I was nominated the first time by Zoe of That's Zoe blog, and you can find my blog post accepting that award HERE, with my original 11 facts and 11 questions. Now, as its a different blog that was nominated, I think I'm supposed to think of entirely new facts, questions and nominees to keep the chain going!

The Liebster Award Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  • Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)
  • Answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
  • Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 1000 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!)
  • Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.
  • List these rules in your post (You can copy and paste from here.) Once you have written and published it, you then have to:
  • Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!)

My 11 Answers (to the questions HERE from Inger Anna Jones)

1. What are you currently reading?
Mindfulness, by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. I've been saying I wanted to start doing meditation for ages. Buying this book last week was a kick in the butt for me.
2. How would you define happiness? 
Family. And friends. Fresh mint tea. Sleeping. Er... eating.

3. What is your most treasured possession?
... I don't think I have one! I don't think I'm as attatched to material things as some people. But from the view of, If Your House Went Up In Flames, What Would You Wish You Had In Your Hand? My notebooks. All of them, if possible. They have over 10 years worth of stories and ideas in them.
4. Who is your real life hero?
I don't really know. Loads of people inspire me. In writing, maybe J.K. Rowling. Motivation wise, maybe Tony Robbins. Hair-wise, Nicki Minaj, probably. For being artistic and boundary-pushing, Lady Gaga. For being a talented actress, awesome, and modest, Ellen Page. But if I've got to pick one, I'd have to say my Mum. I idolise her a lot.

5. Who is your favourite author, and why?
My favourite author is Carlos Ruiz Zafon, because his books taught me things about novel writing that I didn't pick up anywhere else, about taking the reader on a journey even if the characters go nowhere, about raising the stakes, about character development. Ironically, he is not the author of my favourite book.
6. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
*sings* FREEEEDOOOOOOOOOM!! It's fun!

7. Do you have a motto or saying you try to live by?
There's a few, but yeah. The following is by Abraham Hicks from a workshop in May 2012.

"Your life is right now! It's not later! It's not in that time of retirement. It's not when the lover gets here. It's not when you've moved into the new house. It's not when you get the better job. Your life is right now. It will always be right now. You might as well decide to start enjoying your life right now, because it's not ever going to get better than right now—until it gets better right now!"

8. If money was not an issue, where would you life?
=/ One part of me says Japan, another part of me says anywhere hot.
9. What book would you have liked to have written?
 - !!!!
Er... I don't much feel that way about books! There's many cartoons I wish I'd thought of first... not books so much. Erm... maybe Harry Potter.. ?

10. If you had to choose a different profession than you now have, what would that be?
Well, as I'm a student who also works in retail, I guess I'll answer it in terms of what I want to go into - being a fantasy author, or maybe getting into property investment O_O
11. Describe the perfect day.
Not a question, teehee! I'm joking XD A hot, sunny day with a nice breeze, out with my friend or my family doing something nice, like going out to a festival or a show or a fair for the day, and just taking in the world.

Shorter than my answers to Zoe's questions! Phew!

11 Random Facts About Myself

As I did this before, I'll make them style related this time. Okay?

1. Contrary to what this blog is suggesting, my favourite colour is actually purple.
2. I created Jade Rose thinking about Hello Kitty.
3. When I was younger, I loved wearing flared jeans, like grunger type jeans. I thought they were so cool. A few years later, I suddenly hated them and got rid of them all for straight cut or skinny.
4. I am not an accessories person. Much. I have a few select favourite and I wear them carefully.
5. Over the past few years, I have had a growing obsession with: shoes, skirts, dresses.
6. Being the second-youngest of six children, many of my clothes were hand-me-downs. I only started buying my own clothes a few years ago, when I realised that most of my clothes - A. didn't fit me properly, B. weren't my style, or C. were falling to pieces.
7. I'm... tall. I guess. As school and college I was one of the tallest. Now my height is about average. I always have to buy tall size, but thankfully that easier to get now.
8. I love the colour pink, but actually, I only wear it when I feel like it. This blog is the most pink-saturated thing I have ever done.
9. I collect shiny coins O_O
10. - and ribbons! I never wear them in my hair, but I keep meaning to. I will, one day.
11. I am always childishly happy whenever somebody shows interest in my blog, and I must massively thank you all again for reading. APPRECIATED! <3

My Nominees

I've picked less, but it's just as hard as the first time. Actually.... harder....

- I think the first fashion blog I ever followed was called Silja Sofia. It was the catalyst that pushed me to find others that ended up with me having this style blog. As far as I can tell, the blog has gone offline now. But I thought I'd mention it anyway.

1. Georgia of Love On The Wall
2. Diana of Manhattan Image & Style
3. Marta of All For Barbie
4. Delaney of AWKWARD
5. Shell of Bits And Bobs

AND.... (Sorry, I have to- !!!)
6. The Baking Seamstress of Chocolate For The Masses ! (This blog makes me drool.)

My 11 Questions

1. Seeing as this blog is Pink Sovereign - what's your favourite colour and why?
2. What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought? (or if you don't want to answer that, what's the best discount you ever got on something? Either or.)
3. What song(s) do you associate with your childhood?
4. What food, if any, tempts you into eating it because it's appearance was so appetising? Please specify if it was pink c: *
5. Are you a cat or dog person? (Or don't like pets?)
6. Who is your idol?
7. What do you hope to have accomplished by the end of this year?
8. To get from A to B, what you preferred method of transport? **
9. What your lucky number and why?
10. What TV show, song, film, or personality is guaranteed to make you laugh?
11. What's a achievement you are proud of?

This was hard too! Oh well, done now! c:

Star xx
(Just me, today!)

* Weird question, I know! I thought of it because I bought a box of Strawberries and Cream Lindor impulsively, only really because the box was thee PRETTIEST shade of pink. It didn't taste as good as Stracciatella, or even Milk =(
** Just curious. I'm a walking person. =]


  1. Great answers! And thank you again! I'll get to your questions tomorrow. Maybe I should get back into the chocolate blog.......

    1. Oh good! And I'm sorry, but I simply had to nominate it because you have so many yummy creations on there!!! I'm sorry to put more work on your plate. I don't mind if you focus on your book now and do it later! *laughing*

      NOOO don't be distracted! Well, unless you want to be. For me, that's the shortcut to disaster hahahehe. I think you'll naturally go back to it when you're ready. c: Thanks for commenting!

    2. Hahahahaha! I just realised I put 'h' for the happiness question because I found it Hard, I thought 'Ehh, I'll do it later' and then forgot. Just so you know, that wasn't really my answer!! Well, it was going to be... but it isn't =D

  2. Hello from Spain: thank you very much for remembering my blog. You are very kind. Glad you like my blog. I enjoyed reading your answers. I also like the work of Carlos Ruiz. I also like the sun and heat. Keep in touch

    1. Aw you're welcome. Your blog is great! Yay, another fan =D

      If you want to accept the reward you can answer the new questions on your blog, but I don't know how easy that will be, being all in English... well, whatever you decide to do, I don't much mind.

  3. Heeey! Congratulations on your nominations! I don't do awards cause I am just a lazy couch-potatoe like that but I still wanted to say thank you for the nominate!!!<333

    And since I'm not going to be doing this award I'll just answer your questions for fun. ^^

    1. My favorite color is GREEN, MINT GREEN, or TEAL! Why? I don't know, I have no reason to like the color, I just do. XD
    2. Probably most expansive was my laptop, but that's with my parents money since I don't get allowance and all that, but that still counts right? My laptop is my baby and its name is Pineapple a MacBook Air. ^^
    3. I associate nursery rhymes with my childhood…I'm not exactly understanding the question.
    4. When people eat cucumbers it makes me want to eat cucumbers! But I absolutely do not like eating cucumbers! DX
    5. I love both! Dogs are adorable and cats are crazy.
    6. I don't really have an idol…
    7. I hope to get an A overall for Algebra II just because I got a B last semester and I wanted an A. XD
    8. Everywhere here is just far away so by car. That's the only way, biking is too tiring and walking takes too much time.
    9. I think it's either 5 or nothing. I just don't understand "lucky" things. They just cause bad luck to me.
    10. Anything that is super ridiculous and I mean idiotic ridiculous--that just makes me laugh so hard.
    11. I'm proud of…well, I don't know…


    1. HI DELANEY!! Sorry it took me so long to get back, and I'm glad you had fun with the questions! =D

      (2) That's interesting, my most expensive thing was my laptop too, though I'm sure the answers will change as we get older! Sofas and TV's and such. Although I'm not sure I'll ever want a TV in my house.
      (3) Every morning when i got up for school, my mum would put on the radio. Recently, I just heard a song I haven't heard in about ten years. I was so stunned I kind of froze. I wondered if anybody else had experienced something like that.
      (4) Really?! That. Is. Soooo funnyyyyy XD
      (6) Same, but I'm working on that!
      (7) Ohh yess, I forgot! My bad. In London, everything is packed close together-ish, so sometimes you COULD potentially walk or ride somewhere.
      (9) ..........that's the best response I've read to this question!!!!!

      Well done Delaney. :) I'll be over to your blog now to say hi!

  4. Congratulations on your award sweetie!! You deserve it!!!

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog and for this nomination. It is truly an honor! <3

    New Blog Post: 15 Things Every Woman Must Have

    1. Thank you very much! That's very kind c:
      And of course you're welcome! I love blogs that dedicate so many of their posts to helping people improve their life, instead of rambling like me. XD
      Thanks for your comment!

  5. Thank you so much for the blog award nomination Star. I've actually finished it now. Sorry it took me so long.

    1. That's perfectly fine! Don't you worry about it. I'd be glad to see what you wrote! =D