Tuesday, 18 February 2014


.... well, it could happen!!! XD

Right guys, I'm afraid posts will be restricted henceforth because of some changes happening in my life. As I have five blogs, I'm massively cutting down on post frequency... sorry =(

Current schedule for posts is
Magenta Monday and Fuschia Friday =D
(Yeah I made that up myself. Teehee.)

To find out why the frequency of my posts will be less from this date, please click the link below or go to my other blog, which explains my Notice Of Suspension.


None of the following images belong to me.
Happy pink-spotting!

Pink Sovereign Mascot: Jade Rose (Incarnation 2.0)

Moi xx


  1. Pretty in Pink:) I just saw all you comments on my 'old' blog. Just want to say thank you and hope all is going well with uni/writing/life in general.

    Yours truly, Mrs Inger Anna Joner

    1. Thanks, Inger! =D
      I'm sorry I haven't been around too much! I am trying to get back on top of my university work. I feel like, on the one hand, when uni's over I'll have all the time in the world for this, so it should wait. On the other, I may be working after uni and thus nothing will change - or, in a drastic case, I may not be around in two years. Trying to balance out my Work and Happy time.
      Thanks for your support! I am still (sometimes) eagerly writing!! Hahaha

      Star <3

  2. oooh the first lolita dress is so cute! And I love the combination of the two lipsticks *w* And how I wish I had a room like that :D

    And I understand that it must be hard to maintain 5 blogs Ö but you are doing a wonderful job! ^_^ xxx

    1. I agree, I adore Lolita =D One of my favourite the awe-inspiring aspects of Japanese culture. :3
      I will share with you a little secret O_O If I had that much pink in my room, I would go mad! XD

      Thank you! Although it's my own fault really, I go through phases of being ambitious. When the phase came, I ended up with loads of blogs. When it passed, managing them was Bleurgh. Oh well, it was fun! LOADS of fun. c: Thanks for commenting!

  3. I'll go check out your other post! I love those pink nails and heels, as well as the pretty pink princess :)

    1. Okay then! I'll go and check if I posted the Fine Print, because I can't remember if I fell asleep before or after I had the intention to do it. =/

      I'm not nail-crazy, but I adore the nails posted above. Wonderful. =D That's a Princess Peach cosplay, she's a character from the game Super Mario. There are newer princesses in the game, but she's my favourite because she's the first AND she wears pink. =]

      Thank you for your sweet comment!