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Trails And Trends: QUEST 1/4, Necklaces Mad Dash

I don't want to drown you in posts, so I'm going to write what happened today in four separate posts, schedule post them in 2-day intervals. Additionally, on the fourth I will post a vlog I made today. So STAY TUNED!

Trails And Trends: QUEST 1/4, Necklaces Mad Dash
Trails And Trends: QUEST 2/4, Infinity Necklaces
Trails And Trends: QUEST 3/4, River Island Bags

Long story short, my friend is going to a  masquerade ball tonight, so we went to her nearest shopping centre to find what she needed, which was a big, (possibly bright) and bold statement necklace to go with her sensible, reserved, fairly plain black lace midi dress and high heeled boots. Oh, and her black mask. :) It's hard to represent the style clearly here as the necklaces really do look different in person.

On our way, we looked at necklaces she needed (the Quest Pt. 1), these awesome sandals in Topshop (pt.4), these BEE-YOO-tiful bags in River Island (pt.3), and these amazing infinity necklaces that I adore because the symbol 'infinity' means a lot to me. Though I'm not sure I like how they were used - will explain in Quest Part 2. (I dunno why I put the infinity necklaces second, I guess I'm just a G like that. =] )

- must be a fashion statement necklace, thus LOUD. LOOUD. Big and sparkly and heavy.
- must be silver, as we both agreed that although gold is very popular rn, not all shades go with her clothes/skin tone and many looked.... 'bawdy'. (awful word, best I could do.)
- no diamante as she doesn't like it.
- pearls if possible, as she really likes that.

Recently she got highlights on the right side of her hair which is a shocking amber-gold colour, and her hair is black. It stands out a lot, so whatever we get has to match that too.

Ready? Lets go!

In the order we found them [including website links]:


H1 - H&M Short Pendant Necklace [HERE] She felt it was too plain.
H2 - H&M Silver Metal Chain Necklace, Sparkly Fastener [HERE] Too small, too plain.
H3 - H&M Wide Joined Multi-hue Metal Chains Necklace [HERE] She liked this a lot but wasn't blown away.

H4 - H&M Rigid Three-Part Metal Necklace [HERE] She didn't like it full stop.
H5 - H&M Gold Metal Pendants Necklace [HERE] She didn't like the tone of the gold...
H6 - H&M Silver Metal Pendants Necklace [HERE] ... but the silver was too tame.


T1 - Topshop Gold Stretch Metal Collar [HERE] She liked this but it wasn't what she wanted.
T2 - Topshop Gold Plain Solid Collar[HERE] Okay, this one was my preference. It wouldn't really suit her outfit.
T3 - Topshop Gold Cut Out Collar [HERE] It was loud, like she wanted, but something about it... =/

RIVER Island

R1 - Gold Tone Slinky Statement Necklace [HERE] Again, wasn't what she wanted.

By this point she was getting very frustrated and kind wanted to give up, but after seeing a stunning, sparkly necklace in a stall we decided to take one last look, and chose Claire's to do that in. I haven't been to Claires in years, so it was interesting that that's where she found what she wanted (and I found the Infinity necklaces).


C1 - Burnished Silver Aztec Bar Bib Necklace [HERE]

She finally decided on...

N BOUGHT: Multi Row Angel Wing Necklace [HERE]
E BOUGHT: XL Feathered Dreamcatcher Earrings [HERE]

The reason why these two work so well is because the necklace itself it long and draping, drawing attention to it as it sits over the plain dress. The black feathers of the earrings match the dress she's wearing, the gold matches the gold of the necklace, and it's hard to see here but there's gold-coloured beads on it, which ironically also match the highlights of her hair. It was an awesome pick.

Anywhoo, I'm tired and I still have uni work to do. *sigh* I do get carried away, huh....


Topshop - Glitter Section Collar [HERE]
Even as I gathered the images for this post, I was Pink Spotting!!!

Topshop Triangular Cuff [HERE]
Cuffs seem to be popular now. It a very egyptian-like style, and I really like it's regalness.

Next Post: FRIDAY
Trails And Trends: QUEST 2/4, Infinity Necklaces

Staaaaaaaay tuuuuned!

Pinkster xx
P.S. Blogger uploads all of my pictures with a white background strange, so I used another uploader. I hope the pics will still be here when you're reading this!


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