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A Long List Of Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Are you having these thoughts:
Oh God, Mother's Day...
What should I get my Mum?
What can I get my Mum that I haven't gotten her already?!

Because I am, and it's still 18 days away! (even less now, I wrote this a while back :3 )

I decided to do this list - I would normally do it on my blog Star: The Alter Ego Writer, but it's on Suspension. One blog is definitely easier to manage than several! As this blog is pink-based and fashion focused, I'll try to include some pink things and fashion things too.

The following list would also go for birthday presents for lovely ladies or just a surprise gift, because who doesn't love a surprise gift? I like to practice the art of giving and generosity.

I thought it might help to give a price indication, so it would be as follows: 
< £ 15 
££ 15-40 
£££ 40-100 
££££ 100+
Okay, let's start!

My Personal Preference

When I was a tiny littlun, I always did handmade gifts. I stopped because I didn't think they would be appreciated any more. Now I'm more of the opinion that as long as it's useful to the receiver of the gift, or had sentimental value, it could be made OR manufactured.

My personal preference are gifts that the lovely lady can use, which will never go to waste if they actually needed it. Something that will HELP them with their life.

My other preference is to get something that will help them ESCAPE from the pressures of their life, which they may not have said they needed, but will appreciate all the same.

< £ 15, luxury lotions, creams, soaps, beauty products... LOL not anti-aging cream...
< £ 15, food. Food is always good.
££ 15-40, a spa, floatation or salt cave experience. If they're an animal person - the zoo, aquariums, a comedy night...
£££ 40-100, a much needed appliance, an experience, or vouchers/a gift card towards their personal interest, some sort of course, so on.
(Once I got my Mum these three gorgeous dresses that came up to about £100 to wear when she did her singing performances onstage. She was really happy with them. It wasn't Mother's Day or her birthday (LOL), but the point I'm making is that I tried my best to think about what she would find useful. As the time she'd just started doing performances again, and I thought she'd appreciate something nice to wear.)
££££ 100+, a holiday! Surprise holidays are great. Maybe a cruise or tour.
(My sister did this one year, it greatly relaxed my Mum and she was much happier when she came back. For obvious reasons you can't set a date for this, unless you can slyly find out when they could go beforehand.)

Okay so I search for some unique, interesting and novelty mother's day gifts, and here's what I found.
This year I decided to make a Mother's Day card so hopefully I can do a step-by-step post soon and share it with you!

Physical: Markets

If you want to physically go and hunt for the present, try markets. You can find some amazing things in Camden Lock; it's a teenagers dream, yeah, but has a lot more to offer as well. Covent Garden and Portobello Road Market is also a great places to try. That's for £ 15 and ££ 15-40. (Check VisitLondon for more markets.)

If we're talking more high end,  £££ 40-100 and ££££ 100+ I'd say Westfield Shepherds Bush or Stratford, also Bentalls Centre in Kingston is awesome. (Try the TimeOut website for more locations.)

Digital: Websites

If you'd rather find a gift from the comfort of your own home, these are some incredible websites I've found over years of last minute panicking. This'll help me to; now I've got the list all in one place! =]

My personal favourites:
(for writers. Need I say more =] )
(I am ALWAYS laughing whenever I visit this site. Pure genius.)
(This is also a great site with a wide range of funny ecards. Just thought I'd throw this in.)


- An Awesome [capital A] printed T-shirt with something that'll make her laugh.
- Or something she'll feel special or beautiful in. Me and my Mum have different styles, so if I were to ever take this route, I'd get a gift card.


To Buy, Try: Ladies Mummy Since (Choose Your Year) T-Shirt on Amazon,
SuperMum T-Shirt on Amazon, 


To Buy, Try: Amazon.


- To find unique handmade jewellery, I would recommend eBay or Amazon business sellers.
- You can also get personalised jewellery from these places.

Idea: personalised Necklace.


To Buy, Try: Tuscany Silver on Amazon - Zirconia, Rhodium,  Zirconia Rhodium and White Pearl,



To Buy, Try: Oh So Sweet Candy Trees website, general search (tree)
To Buy, Try: Sweet And Tempting Creations website, Unique Gift Store website, general search (bouquet)


To Buy, Try: Gourmet Chocolate Pizza website



To Buy, Try: Hot Stone Therapy Pack on Amazon,
Mum's Bath & Body Gift Set from eBay Business sellers.

I checked out this gorgeous item on Amazon, but the terrible reviews made me think carefully about buying from any old body.
If you want quality bath bombs or luxurious bath and body gift products, only one place comes to mind, the place that does fresh handmade cosmetics that smell greeeat: LUSH.



Try Amazon.


Try Amazon.


Try eBay.

Are you stuck? Maybe I can help!

Leave a comment stating the interests or hobbies of the person you're buying for, and your budget, and I'll do my best to help you think up a gift/present idea!

Pinkster xx

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