Saturday, 29 March 2014

My Handmade Mother's Day Card

Hahaha, I remember in This Post I said posts would be restricted henceforth - but they seem to have become more frequent!!!

Perhaps I'm more addicted to blogging than I thought c: I must admit though, first that the posts are now (generally speaking) shorter and thus not as time consuming, and second that it's much easier to focus on one blog than All Five. MUCH easier. So it's not a biggie, really.

Handmade Card: bring out the arts and crafts!

Greetings cards in general are fairly pricey where I work, many about £2.99, and I've seen cards priced as high as £5.49 =/ Nearby there's a Sainsbury's, where you can get a card of similar quality for £1.99.

I've dropped off of doing handmade cards in the past few years, thinking I couldn't make them interesting anymore. This past year has been a tough one for me, and I'm sure for my Mum as well, so I really wanted to make something that would put a smile on her face.

So, I did a cross vision board/nostalgia/family collage card. O_O


A2 pink card folded in half (thus an A3-sized card). WHSmith.

Stickers of fruit (they're so cute!); they are actually reward stickers but obviously I won't be using 'Well Done' and 'Good Job' on a Mother's day card (lmao)! WHSmith.

Pretty patterned papers! More about them Here (halfway down), or you can try Decoupage.

Collage of images, mostly resorts and getaways, some of our family. Google Images and Secret Escapes.

As it says on the packet! Adds a nice touch to my handcrafted stuff. Poundland.

My old art and crafts case! String, beads, glitter, stickers, more tissue paper, embossing squares, scoubi strings, embelleshments, fabrics - I collected a lot of odd bits and bobs as a kid =]


Just to make it clear, I had no plan in mind. I wandered around WHSmith and Poundland, got out my old arts and crafts stuff, and things jumped out at me. So as I crafted an impromptu card, I just kind of took pictures as I went along.

1. I decided to put the floral paper on the front of the card. I stuck it on with PVA glue.

1a. Here's One I Made Earlier.... joke

2. Cut the images out.

3. Decided to stick 'em in the middle and litter it with stickers. The little blue ones are fish ('w')

4. Wrote my message in the gap between them, if possible will get my five siblings to write in the other gaps.

5. Stuck the fruit sticker on card with colours pink, purple and green (to match). Dunno why, really. Cut off the one that was sticking over the edge. Got a pic of my Mum ready to stick on the front.

5a. The stickers should all be smiling. If they are not smiling, you have done it wrong.


6. Wrote 'Happy Mother's Day' on front of card.

7. Ensured tiny stickers were stuck down (the tiny ones are fiddly and troublesome =/)

8. Stuck long strips of wide clear sellotape over the WHOLE THING to make it waterproof, will help it last longer.
Naturally sticky covering film is better, like for exercise books, as long as it doesn't have a yellow tint.

And of course, the one thing I haven't done is take a picture of the finished product *smacks head*

... but you get the gist.
The pics of my siblings are on the back as a collage, also the family pets. The whole thing took... a few hours at least, I think a whole afternoon. It's quite eye-catching, even more because it's huge, so that's pretty cool. I'm glad I posted this, I'll try and remember for Father's Day (already got the stuff for it).

Posts leading up to this one:

Much love to all of the mothers in the world who have been kind, caring, supportive, brave and a whole host of other things, if they're like my Mum! I hope everybody has a blessed Sunday.


Pinkster xx

P.S. If you check under Supplies, you will see that the Pineapple and the Pear stickers are not smiling. Which is why I said make sure they all are!!!! Hahahaha

Hugs and lovehearts, fellow pinksters.


  1. Hello from Spain: Happy Mother's Day!. In my country the Mother's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in May. Beautiful and loving card. Great idea. Keep in touch

    1. Really?! That's so interesting =D
      Thank you, that's very kind. =]

  2. Aw happy mothers day! What a lovely and thoughtful card! I definitely will be making a card this mothers day which I believe is in May for us! Anyways hope you had a lovely day!

    1. Thank you! This year was an important year for us so I wanted to do something a bit more memorable. Usually my cards are normal-sized XD Thanks for commenting!