Saturday, 15 March 2014

Red and Green Geekfit

As I mentioned in the last post, I went to London Super Comic Con.

I couldn't find my white Marvel Hoodie (urghh it still gets me!) so I wore my Mario Toadstool hoodie instead. Because it was such a bright green, it made sense to me to wear more green... and because I knew I'd wear my converses to be comfortable walking around all day, I got my my hoodie that was a the same colour and also my converse studs that I got from Claires waaaaay back in secondary school. Actually it's one of the first pairs of earrings I ever received and never stops getting compliments, even to this day.

So... maybe I over did it. A lil bit. =3

Wine-Red Fur-Lined Hoodie - eBay eShops
Green Toadstool Hoodie - from Camden market
Green Midi Dress -Primark
Wine-Red Converses - coulda been office. Coulda been eBay eShops.
Converse Studs - Claire's Accessories
Dragon Claw Bracelet - eBay dude. It's about £2 brand new.
Gold Ring - New Look... I couldn't resist it.

Haul (from like two weeks ago)

Sorry this took me so long to do! A while back I picked up a few pretty things and I've been wearing them and taking pictures, as I was waiting for the right moment to post them. University work consumes much of my time right now. Peace outt.

This was from the previous Quest Two post. For some reason the white cord is a lot grubbier than it looks in the picture, but I'm sure some bleach will sort that out.

Pinkster xx


  1. Oooh :D I think you looked amazing. And I know the feeling when you are trying to find something and you can't find it -.-" But you still looked amazing and you bought such sweet jewellry! *w*

    1. I'm glad you thought so! I go through phases where I have the courage to wear something different to my usual jeans and jumper, and then phases where I'm too insecure to do it. So I'm glad you thought it was okay!
      (Yess, I STILL can't find it! I don't normally lose my stuff so it's very puzzling. Where on earth did I put it?)