Monday, 3 March 2014

Trails And Trends: QUEST 2/4, Infinity Necklaces

I don't want to drown you in posts, so I'm going to write what happened today in four separate posts, schedule post them in 2-day intervals. Additionally, on the fourth I will post a vlog I made today. So STAY TUNED!

NOTE: I do apologise for running late! Work and life got in the way. I had to prioritise actually having a life, for once! Post days have now changed, they are now DELAYED.

I'm not much of a necklace person. I prefer modest bracelets, or simple earrings or studs. The bracelet I normally wear is my, er, fantasy statement bracelet. I guess. *shrug* It's a dragon claw. I wrote about it in this post on my personal blog.

When I was out shopping with Pixie (see Quest Part 1) I saw Infinity Necklace in Claire's and I thought they were just amazing. I found the Best Friends infinity thing kinda silly - like the notion of Best Friends forever. Great ideal but unrealistic in practice. But the symbol of infinity, to me, means possibilities. It means imagined but unrealised dreams. For me, in the process of always moving forward to better things.

I dunno how I got all that from an eight turned sideways. ^.^

Claire's Accessories Sterling Infinity Necklace [HERE on the Claire's website]
This one is pretty, not too fancy, one of my favourites. But I don't think I'll buy it. Long necklaces just aren't my thing.

Claire's Accessories Large Silver Infinity Stone Necklace [HERE]
Too much diamante. I'm sorry. Just too many.

Claire's Accessories Jumbo Infinity Necklace [HERE]
A bit too big (you'd have to see it in person) and the colour is a bit dull.

Claire's Accessories Large Gold Infinity Stone Necklace [HERE]
I love how the gold and silver contrast, but too many stones in it for me.

Claire's Accessories 2 Pack Magnetic Best Friends Infinity Necklaces [HERE]
Yeah... I just don't like them. At all.

One of my favourites:

Claire's Accessories Infinity Key Long Necklace [HERE]
I love the idea of merging 'infinity' and a key, it makes it a bit more secretive and mysterious. I generally like key designs anyway, although I never wear jewellery with keys on them as they're often too big.


Wednesday evening, I came back to browse on my beloved eBay and thankfully I did find bracelets, which was what I wanted. Here's some of what I kicked up...

Silver Infinity Bracelets [HERE]

Some of my favourite infinity bracelets

[They come in dozens of colours.
HERE for the eBay search, as many are ended auctions.
Sadly, many are also one-of-a-kind, I have yet to find the same one twice.]

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  1. I absolutely love bracelets. I'm one of those people who pile them up on their wrists until there's no more space for more! I really love the ones you posted! The colours are so great and the designs are awesome!! Great post!! :) xx

    1. LMAO!! That made me laugh =D I was entranced by the colours too. And there are a LOT more!! I wish I could post them all XD

      I think I'm the opposite; I'll spend ages choosing a bracelet and then that'll be my One, I'll wear it all the time. Luckily I got a won the auction for the white Tree-Infinity-Love bracelet, so that'll be my One number-two, lol.

      Thank you for your lovely comment =]

  2. I adore the idea if this Ö I never actually realized this could be the symbol of everlasting friendship. The way you discribe it makes it even more beautiful. "always moving forward to better things'. I adore this quote of you!!!! *w*
    And I was sold with the bracelet! It's definitely the best option. So beautiful :D Now I know what to buy for my best friends birthday *w*

    1. Hi again! I'm sorry - for some reason I missed your post! Apologies about that.
      Agreed! That's why I like the symbol of infinity. I'm glad you liked it too :3 I can't wait for my white one to arrive! Thanks again for your comment =]

  3. Hi, I really need to buy the 2 pack magnetic infinity bff neckless for my friends bday. I've searched everywhere for it . I can't find it in the Clair's website. Please could u add the link ? Thank you

    1. Sorry for the delay. I already put the link above, but remember, this post was 3 years ago! The link just goes to the homepage now so it's no longer available. I would probably say eBay.