Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I Found A Nicer, Cheaper Alternative

I got an email from unidays about free Topshop delivery. I'd been looking for a light top or blouse for summer, and I thought, well I'd get a student discount and free delivery if I found something I liked - might as well take a look.

I found these pretty and simple tops by SNO on the Topshop website. They reminded me of something I'd seen before but couldn't put my finger on it.

Topshop SNO Long Sleeve Thermal Top
White with Black Stripe, £10 [ HERE ]

Topshop SNO Long Sleeve Thermal Top
Black with White Stripe, £7 [ HERE ]

Then I remembered - it reminded me of this top from KDK London, with the stripe down the arm! I do prefer the Topshop version. That said, those thermal tops were not what I was meant to be looking for. So despite that I like them, and they were discounted, I decided to give it a pass.

KDK London Textured Bodycon Top & Skirt [ HERE ]

Pinkster xx

Monday, 28 April 2014

Primark's Marvel Range

Following the hype of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, (which I've come across SO many people praising it, I have no doubt the movie must be impressive after the surprisingly good Avengers movie) I've seen Marvel crop up now and then - I saw a Marvel Monopoly in Forbidden Planet and in Waterstones, and in Primark I came across a stand of Marvel animated movie DVDs, and right in the corner a range of Marvel wear!

I may have mentioned before but I am a big Marvel fan and I already have a hoodie that I bought from Sports direct a long time ago. I'd been looking for more Geekfits, as I call it, and now there seem to be Marvel gear in abundance. Not all have great designs though. In all honesty, Captain America is not my favourite, neither is Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, and particularly not The Hulk. One Marvel hero I have always liked is Wolverine. If he's on the shirt, I'll like it more.

Primark Sleep Set: T-Shirt and Shorts
Disclaimer: Image belongs to Fashion Victim Lowcost blog.

Primark Marvel Comics Jumper

Further Research

Info on the Marvel pop-up shop in Primark by White Rose, HERE

More Primark Marvel Clothes HERE

Youtube vlog on Primark Marvel gear HERE

Pinkster xx

Monday, 21 April 2014

Cop Offs: French Connection Passing Clouds Dress

Remember the gorgeous orange striped dress I mentioned in This Post?
Well... turns out it was a French Connection cop off.

French Connection Passing Clouds Dress
[ eBay ] [ Images ]

Had me fooled.

Pinkster xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Most Expensive Top... I Ever Saw....

... the cost, the cost!

But... the beauty... the beauty!!!



Found HERE.

Pinkster xx

Monday, 14 April 2014

Pink Spotting: Lolita Queen Rinako

May I introduce the Lolita Queen.

I cannot stress how devoted Rinako is to her art. She never seems to be 'out of character' like some Lolitas I have met and she's without a doubt one of the best Lolita blogger I've ever come across!

Here are three favourites;

What drew me to her blog in the first instance was all of that glorious pink. Many of Rinako's chosen outfits are pink (staying within the Lolita tradition LOL) and in the above image, she wears not one but TWO gorgeous bows, one frilled lace and the other satin, plus pearls, a blouse and also what may be a pinafore. It's so pretty. c:

Again with this one, lots of baby pink but it's offset with a wig that is a sharper pink and then a creamy blonde - these two tones in a wig always reminds me of ice cream. =D I thought at first Rinako wore a bonnet but a closer look suggests that its actually a lace headband with flowers at the side. Kawaii!

Finally, I just had to include this one because she wears red just as wonderfully as she wears pink! It's so bright and bold and yet still very Lolita. I would say that anyone venturing into Lolita for the first time should definately look to the Macabre Fledgling blog for inspiration!


Remember I said I went to The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show? And I wanted to buy the instructions to make the above dress? No? Well I said it now =D

I adore the vintage look of the dress pictured (by Sew La Di Da Vintage), and I've noticed that vintage style commonly influences Lolita style. I shall indeed by looking into it - when I can, I will make another post!

Pinkster xx

Friday, 11 April 2014

Pinkster Blog Designs

Time for some more Fellow Bloggers posts! I have been Pink Spotting indeed.

This blog seems to be about style and make up. To be honest, I was just taken in by the beautiful blog design =D

This blog is really sweet, I can't remember how I found it but I do love that Jiru blogs about many different things from cosplay to beauty to bodycare to Japanese candy =] Her purple hair is so striking!

I like this blog because its such a different style than what I'm used to and it makes me think differently about fashion. Many blogs I follow are very Glamour Glamour Glamour but Tickled Pink Woman has a more mature elegance that I appreciate.

There was another cool one called but according to Blogger it no longer exists =( Never mind.

I write about my Fellow Bloggers every so often so stick around, you'll soon see another blog featured!

Pinkster xx

Monday, 7 April 2014

Pink Nail Art

Karine has this very pretty nail art on her blog Tropical Colours. It was one of the first posts I came across on her blog.

The following images, I got from the Stylish Eve facebook page (I believe THIS is the right one), which always posts the most gorgeous nail art. I don't have a facebook anymore, but if you have one, check it out!

Pinskter xx

Friday, 4 April 2014

Officially WOW: The Fashion Fraction

One blog I started following recently is called The Fashion Fraction, by Michèle K. So many of her outfits are stunning and what she wears in so in tune with what I like in fashion. Not all of her outfits are my style, but I only saw three that made me go 'WOW' and then I subscribed. Did and done.

I'm going to share my favourite with you. I love it because it's so elegant and such a nice blend of colours. To see more images, please click the link above which will direct you to Michèle's blog.

Just beautiful, right?

Make sure you check out her blog! Hop to it! =]

Pinkster xx

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Mad Twins Blog

The Mad Twins blog is fashion based but now and then you'll get motivational post or How To posts. I really adore their blog because they are always so creative and imaginative with fashion and I always learn something I didn't know before.

I've been following their blog for a long time and their style is so outstanding and wonderful, the photography really does their fashion creations justice. I always look forward to a new post.

As you can see this is not a Pink Spotting post. That is because there were so many wonderful posts I'd like to share, I decided to just do a few of my favourites.

This is from the corsets UK post, and you can find out more about this outfit there, including the amazing purple contacts. I think I'd quite like to wear a corset, at least once, although I'd be nervous because I don't have much of a figure! To be honest, I feel nervous about everything right now. (I haven't been very well =( ) Isn't the plushie SO CUTE?!

Did I ever mention my kawaii plush twins Yoko and Yuki? They're the newest addition to my Toy Army. Here:

This dress was created for a AKB0048 performance. The design is so simple and yet so flattering - and that white hem is so gorgeous =D Another thing I like is much London and Paris wear long socks with skirts and dresses. It's such a great look.

This is another one I love. The style is bold and striking, plus I've always adored swishy trousers! That top is from Frontrowshop. =]

More Awesome Posts by The Mad Twins

- Our Favourite Fashion Items vlog
Milanoo Coat
- Chicwish Dress

Lolita Posts by The Mad Twins

- What Is Lolita? post
Lolitadressesshop Wig post
- Interview with Romy Kuiper about Cosplay
- Blue Romwe Dress post
- Wonderland Wig post

Check my Fellow Bloggers posts to see a wide range of bloggers I admire!

Pinkster xx