Monday, 7 April 2014

Pink Nail Art

Karine has this very pretty nail art on her blog Tropical Colours. It was one of the first posts I came across on her blog.

The following images, I got from the Stylish Eve facebook page (I believe THIS is the right one), which always posts the most gorgeous nail art. I don't have a facebook anymore, but if you have one, check it out!

Pinskter xx


  1. Hello from Spain: awesome nails. Keep in touch

  2. ooh this look so cute! *w* I can't keep my nails long because I'm always busy with arty stuff -.-" but oooh, when I see this I'm going to try it :P

    1. I go through phases of Long Nails Short Nails... but even when they're long, the smell of nail polish =( I adore the cream pink and blue nails with the little pearls on it. Unsure if I would ever do it, though :o Thanks for the comment!