Monday, 14 April 2014

Pink Spotting: Lolita Queen Rinako

May I introduce the Lolita Queen.

I cannot stress how devoted Rinako is to her art. She never seems to be 'out of character' like some Lolitas I have met and she's without a doubt one of the best Lolita blogger I've ever come across!

Here are three favourites;

What drew me to her blog in the first instance was all of that glorious pink. Many of Rinako's chosen outfits are pink (staying within the Lolita tradition LOL) and in the above image, she wears not one but TWO gorgeous bows, one frilled lace and the other satin, plus pearls, a blouse and also what may be a pinafore. It's so pretty. c:

Again with this one, lots of baby pink but it's offset with a wig that is a sharper pink and then a creamy blonde - these two tones in a wig always reminds me of ice cream. =D I thought at first Rinako wore a bonnet but a closer look suggests that its actually a lace headband with flowers at the side. Kawaii!

Finally, I just had to include this one because she wears red just as wonderfully as she wears pink! It's so bright and bold and yet still very Lolita. I would say that anyone venturing into Lolita for the first time should definately look to the Macabre Fledgling blog for inspiration!


Remember I said I went to The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show? And I wanted to buy the instructions to make the above dress? No? Well I said it now =D

I adore the vintage look of the dress pictured (by Sew La Di Da Vintage), and I've noticed that vintage style commonly influences Lolita style. I shall indeed by looking into it - when I can, I will make another post!

Pinkster xx

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