Monday, 28 April 2014

Primark's Marvel Range

Following the hype of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, (which I've come across SO many people praising it, I have no doubt the movie must be impressive after the surprisingly good Avengers movie) I've seen Marvel crop up now and then - I saw a Marvel Monopoly in Forbidden Planet and in Waterstones, and in Primark I came across a stand of Marvel animated movie DVDs, and right in the corner a range of Marvel wear!

I may have mentioned before but I am a big Marvel fan and I already have a hoodie that I bought from Sports direct a long time ago. I'd been looking for more Geekfits, as I call it, and now there seem to be Marvel gear in abundance. Not all have great designs though. In all honesty, Captain America is not my favourite, neither is Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, and particularly not The Hulk. One Marvel hero I have always liked is Wolverine. If he's on the shirt, I'll like it more.

Primark Sleep Set: T-Shirt and Shorts
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Primark Marvel Comics Jumper

Further Research

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