Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Mad Twins Blog

The Mad Twins blog is fashion based but now and then you'll get motivational post or How To posts. I really adore their blog because they are always so creative and imaginative with fashion and I always learn something I didn't know before.

I've been following their blog for a long time and their style is so outstanding and wonderful, the photography really does their fashion creations justice. I always look forward to a new post.

As you can see this is not a Pink Spotting post. That is because there were so many wonderful posts I'd like to share, I decided to just do a few of my favourites.

This is from the corsets UK post, and you can find out more about this outfit there, including the amazing purple contacts. I think I'd quite like to wear a corset, at least once, although I'd be nervous because I don't have much of a figure! To be honest, I feel nervous about everything right now. (I haven't been very well =( ) Isn't the plushie SO CUTE?!

Did I ever mention my kawaii plush twins Yoko and Yuki? They're the newest addition to my Toy Army. Here:

This dress was created for a AKB0048 performance. The design is so simple and yet so flattering - and that white hem is so gorgeous =D Another thing I like is much London and Paris wear long socks with skirts and dresses. It's such a great look.

This is another one I love. The style is bold and striking, plus I've always adored swishy trousers! That top is from Frontrowshop. =]

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Pinkster xx


  1. Hello from Spain: I also follow this blog. I really like the outfits .. We keep in touch

  2. oooooooooh thank you so much sweetheart! You are toooo kind!

    1. You are MORE than welcome, your blog is AWESOME my dear =D
      I would've gotten around to it sooner, but *shrug* life, y'know.