Monday, 5 May 2014

Pink Icons: Hello Kitty And Co (Sanrio Characters)

I think it's time I did a post about Hello Kitty. I'd been putting it off.

Hello Kitty is definitely a Pink Icon. This little cartoon cat kinda inspired me to create Jade Rose. I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty, however. I'm not entirely sure why. A little cat that cooks and goes out to play and is a ballerina and a whole host of other things just isn't cute to me.

But CHARMMY KITTY? Charmmy Kitty is absolutely adorable. I suppose I just prefer a cat that actually behaves like a cat. Even these wallpapers I much prefer to Hello Kitty's.

It's quite funny - Hello Kitty is a human-cat that wears clothes and is a ballerina and does stuff. Charmmy Kitty is an ACTUAL kitty who behaves in a kitty way and walks on all fours. It's a very Goofy-and-Pluto situation; human-dog, real-dog. So strange.

I think Chococat is very sweet. I didn't see any pink wallpapers at a glance, but I've seen the cutest pink Chococat stationary that in my opinion was way better than Hello Kitty's. (Sorry Hello Kitty. Don't mean to diss you!)

Keroppi. A frog, right? I don't mind frogs. I have a friend who loves cartoon frogs. As it so happens, this one is quite cute.

My Melody!!! I like rabbits. I prefer cats, but I'm cool with rabbits!

I am under the impression that Kuromi is some sort of evil cartoon character. Look at that adorable yet devious grin and eyelashes! Apparently she is an imp/rabbit part of the My Melody anime as My Melody's rival. *shrug* makes sense.

And another personal favourite... cinnamoroll! I don't really have to say much more, so I. Just look at him. :3


From the website:
- click to enlarge image -

A wonderland of kittens and dog-kittens.

Pinkster xx


  1. Hello from Spain: I adore Hello Kitty. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

  2. Such a cute post sweetie!! I love Hello Kitty!! <3

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  3. Love Hello Kitty
    Want to follow each other?
    Sandy Sandhu

  4. Hello dear, sorry it has been a while *O*
    And I have to agree, I don't think Hello Kitty is very cute.
    Charmmy Kitty, Kumori and Chocolat are much more adorable!!!! ^_^