Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Mad About Midi Is Me. Fabulous.

Again, this post was inspired by an email from... Topshop, I think, when I was clearing them out of my inbox (lol).

Haul To Be...

Boohoo Niomi Mixed Panel Midi Skirt In Black [ Here ]
That mesh panel sold it for me.

Topshop 'Duchess' Midi Skirt in Pale Pink [ Here ]
This skirt, I was crazy about. It's is very hard to find in pink, though. At least, where I was looking. It's so elegant and a nice summery dress. I've put the link for the actual listing (ended) because the search results came up as nil.

Topshop 'Duchess' Midi Skirt in Pale Blue [ Here ]
The shade is so pretty, and I've wanted a skirt this length for quite a while now.

Striped Midi Skirt [ Here ]
Simple, and nice colours. I'd like something like this for rainy days, or for the winter.

Pink, Black and White Striped Midi Skirt [ Here ]
I couldn't resist that bit of pink in there. The see-through part is modest and very small, and makes the skirt more interesting. This one is high up on my list.

Jersey Colour-Block Pencil Skirt [ Here ]
At first I quite liked this, because of the colours. But then I wasn't so sure because in other listings, each panel seems visibly sewn together, which somehow makes it look 'messy'.

Boohoo Candice Scalloped Edge All Over Lace Midi Skirt [ Here ]
I love its long length and its neatness. It's perfect for a holiday...


Pinkster xx


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like midi skirts. Great Proposals. Keep in touch

    1. Me too! I'm sorry I haven't been able to comment much lately! I will try much harder. Thank you for your comments! =]