Friday, 13 June 2014

Short Hair In Awesome Colours

Seeing as I did hair earlier this week - why not do it again? =]

I found this image on Dalanda's blog, and its so striking in colour, shape and volume. Crazzzzy. I LOVE it.

What a pretty shade. (A character for one of my novels has hair a lot like this. Tempting to make it red but... nnno, has to be black.) This is from Naokawaii's blog, another great find. I think this wig was from yesstyle - I should cover them one day.


Pinkster xx


  1. Ooh, I lately was looking at short hair too and it looks soo amazing :D I was wondering to cut is short again (but my hair grows so slow, so i wait a little longer) the second hairstyle looks amazing ^_^ the first one is to daring for me X'D

  2. I think my hair grows slowly too, because it seems to be the same length whether I am watching it or not! (Actually now it sees a fair bit longer than when I last properly checked.)
    I think I saw a cosplay of you with a wig...? (Unless I imagined it!) You look great with short hair!!

    Agreed, the first one is only nice to look at!