Friday, 18 July 2014

Sandals For Summer Holiday Travels

When this is published, I'll be on holiday in Cyprus!!! Please enjoy this pre-scheduled post.

As I may have mentioned, I'm going on holiday in less than two weeks =] I'm super excited because this is something I pretty much never do. GOODBYEEEE BORING LONDON! (I'll be missing home by the time it's over, heh.) So, and I don't know how, I STILL have no pairs of sandals e_e

I've already posted about hunting for the right sandals. I've finally got some now! For real!


- cannot separate my toes.
- MUST be easy to slip on and off. Seriously. NO buckles, NO tie ups, NO strappy crap. Meh.
- must be a bright colour. It's SUMMER! =]
- preferably flat.
- not a fan of my toes so don't want them completely bare, but not covered either, I guess that would defeat the point of 'sandals'.

This is what I bought!

1) River Island
White Chunky Strap Cleated Sole Sandals [ Here ]

Cost: £38.00
Colour: White.
Purpose: a good pair of sandals to wear with pretty much anything - short skirts, loose trousers, kaftans, all my maxi stuff, even skinny jeans, whatever really. This was a really bizarre pick for me because I NEVER wear stuff like this. I usually find them really unattractive!! But this caught my eye when I was out with Miss Lovely, I tried it on and thought WOW. The stock picture really doesn't do it justice so here's some of my own;

Similar Alternatives:

Browse the River Island search - white shoes, size 8 .

2) Crocs
Crocs Huarache Flat Fuchsia/Grapefruit [ Here ]

Cost: £34.99
Colour: Pink, Orange and yellow. perfect.
Purpose: to wear with my maxi dresses and skirts, maybe down to the beach. EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY comfortable. I've never had Crocs before (the standard ones I find ugly. Sorry, but it's true!). I never knew Crocs were so satisfying for the feet :3

Similar Alternatives:



Browse the search - eBay | Amazon | Crocs

3) Primark
Bow Mule Nude Sandals [ - ]

Cost: £2.50
Colour: Nude/Beige
Purpose: flip-flop substitute (I don't like actual flip-flops, may have guessed from the Criteria above...). Something cheap to wear to the beach, my sister said, so I wouldn't ruin my two other good pairs of sandals. Primark Sandals - reliably cheap.

My first choice were these New Look sandals, £17.99, very cute, though I would say a little expensive considering that there isn't much to them.

What are your favourite pairs of sandals like? :3

Pinkster xx

Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer Tops Haul

When this is published, I'll be on holiday in Cyprus!!! Please enjoy this pre-scheduled post.

I really felt that I didn't have any nice summer tops to wear, and soo I may or may not have strolled into Primark and did a £34(!) shop. I only had ten minutes before work to get what I wanted, so I decided to make my final decision at home and return whatever wasn't suitable.

I got really fed up taking these pictures so be glad you got this post at all! Urgh, all that trying on and taking off and fake posing was getting on my nerves.

Atmosphere Pink Checkered Gingham Chiffon-Front Tee - £6
Taking this back. I looked gorgeous on the Primark hanger... but not on me and not even on my hanger ._.

Atmosphere White LW Raglan Shirt - £6
This is so lovely and light, wonderful for hot weather. Though as you can see, it's dangerously see through. I wised up and put on a vest for this, should've have done the same for the t-shirt below...

Atmosphere <3 LA Sublimation Roll Sleeve Tee - £5
This is a lo t like that other £22 top I wanted so badly from River Island, the road with the heart on it [ HERE ] but I was having doubts by the time I went back and I love this one just as much. I'm glad I essentially got what I wanted and saved 17 quid.

Navy and White satin colour blouse - £5
This one was great because it's so versatile and the panelling is really neat. I wish the navy was purple or pink, but meh, can't complain.

Brooklyn city slogan sweater - £3 (on offer from £8)
As you have have noticed, I don't wear clothes with words or slogans on them anymore, but this one I couldn't resist. I do wish it didn't say Brooklyn, but I don't mind as much because the pastel blue and pink with a splash of white is to die for. And I know I shouldn't be buying winter clothes now but... hey. Three pounds. Couldn't resist.

Lilac V Neck Garment - £4
Yeah, this is the visible bra wardrobe malfunction. I just couldn't even be bothered. To top it off, the tag said something about a colour transfer when you wear it, either that or the dye possibly coming out when you wash it. WHAT?! It's barely lilac as it is!

Gooodbyeeeeee. You're going straight back to the store.

Socks. Because... why not? c: I LOVE PRETTY SOCKS!

And here's a little something I bought from H&M to wear over my swimsuit on holiday or just to wear whenever really. God, I'm really not fashion-savvy. (e_e)

I hope my dear and loyal readers are enjoying the summer. I shall be posting soooooon!

Pinkster xx

Friday, 11 July 2014

Bring On SUMMER OF '14, Pinkster.

River Island Light Blue Road Heart Print T-Shirt [ HERE ]

New Look 'Think Happy Be Happy' T-Shirt [ HERE ]

New Look 'New York Paris Los Angeles' T-Shirt [ HERE ]

New Look Pink 'Marilyn Monroe Forever' T-Shirt [ HERE ]

H&M  Leaves 'Awesome' Print Jersey Top [ HERE ]

Bershka Blue 'Don’t' Text Top [ HERE ]

Bershka 'Single Text Top [ HERE ]

 Bershka Tropical Print Perforated Top [ HERE ]

KRISP Denim Craze Oversized Printed T-Shirt [ HERE ]

^ Well... that's one way to get somebody's attention this summer.

Pinkster xx

Monday, 7 July 2014

Jenny Tsang - Autumn Wonderland

I am IN LOVE with this outfit.

Jenny T on Lookbook, Designer and Blogger


Pinkster xx

Friday, 4 July 2014

Pink Spotting: Exality

One blog I've been following for quite some time is Exality, (which I have been trying to figure out the meaning for for ages,) because I do love this blogger's style. Here's some outfits I just adored.

This outfit is from the post Pink Lace Dress, and I love the pastel blue and pink match - check the pastels label for similar styles.

Black and neon pink is such a great match because one's so dark, and the other is so blinding! The result is a really eye-catching outfit. And I feel like this could be dressed up or down. It's given me some ideas. From the post Black and Pink.

This is such a casual but stylish look from the post Adore You. What I really loved about this is the white and gold bag and watch. Fantastic addition.

I also really loved the post Clothes Everywhere, which had a lot of selections I really liked. Stick around for more of my Fellow Bloggers posts, where I share blogs that have been Pink Spotted by yours truly,

Pinkster xx

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Thoughts On Denim

I am not really a fan of much denim - jackets, skirts and bags in denim is the last thing I'd choose if I was shopping, and I'm also fairly picky about jeans. But I have seen the fair few that I've liked a little while back.

There are no links to the items as they are actually all from an old line, so they're sold out, unless you try ebay or something. One in particular I wanted to share was Tabacco-Brown Chinos from Mango, that were straight leg and just gorgeous, but I can't find them anywhere now. Dang me, taking too long to decide!

^ I particularly love this one. I don't usually like denim skirts... actually, I never like them, but the design of this is streamlined and neat, but not old-fashioned or... frumpy. (The best word I could come up with! Sorry folks)

Boohoo Mariella High Waisted Denim Midi Skirt
A darker colour.

Boohoo Leanne Denim Shirt Dress With Ruffle Tier Hem In Denim
I have NO idea why, but I like this. Which is weird because it also kind of... ugly, in a way (sorry, 'tis true tho.)

Boohoo Libbie Patchwork Skinny Jeans In Blue
Oh my word, oh my WORD. I adore this. ADORE.
(Though it's worth noting that the model has MUCH fuller hips than I do.)

Vero Moda Skinny Jeans
I have wanted white jeans for quite some time. I don't own much white. *sigh* One day.

In my wardrobe:
- 1 black skinny jeans, Primark.
- 1 blue straight leg jeans, Next.
- 1 denim hotpants that I've only worn once, the one time in my life I went clubbing (e_e), Primark

That's it. That's it! All the denim in my wardrobe.Though my Mum did recently give me three pairs of shorts that she's never worn. YESSS.

- white jeans,
- dark red jeans (maybe),
- very light, pale blue jeans
- OR tobacco brown jeans.

None, I guess.
But white jeans is still on my list!

Pinkster xx