Friday, 18 July 2014

Sandals For Summer Holiday Travels

When this is published, I'll be on holiday in Cyprus!!! Please enjoy this pre-scheduled post.

As I may have mentioned, I'm going on holiday in less than two weeks =] I'm super excited because this is something I pretty much never do. GOODBYEEEE BORING LONDON! (I'll be missing home by the time it's over, heh.) So, and I don't know how, I STILL have no pairs of sandals e_e

I've already posted about hunting for the right sandals. I've finally got some now! For real!


- cannot separate my toes.
- MUST be easy to slip on and off. Seriously. NO buckles, NO tie ups, NO strappy crap. Meh.
- must be a bright colour. It's SUMMER! =]
- preferably flat.
- not a fan of my toes so don't want them completely bare, but not covered either, I guess that would defeat the point of 'sandals'.

This is what I bought!

1) River Island
White Chunky Strap Cleated Sole Sandals [ Here ]

Cost: £38.00
Colour: White.
Purpose: a good pair of sandals to wear with pretty much anything - short skirts, loose trousers, kaftans, all my maxi stuff, even skinny jeans, whatever really. This was a really bizarre pick for me because I NEVER wear stuff like this. I usually find them really unattractive!! But this caught my eye when I was out with Miss Lovely, I tried it on and thought WOW. The stock picture really doesn't do it justice so here's some of my own;

Similar Alternatives:

Browse the River Island search - white shoes, size 8 .

2) Crocs
Crocs Huarache Flat Fuchsia/Grapefruit [ Here ]

Cost: £34.99
Colour: Pink, Orange and yellow. perfect.
Purpose: to wear with my maxi dresses and skirts, maybe down to the beach. EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY comfortable. I've never had Crocs before (the standard ones I find ugly. Sorry, but it's true!). I never knew Crocs were so satisfying for the feet :3

Similar Alternatives:



Browse the search - eBay | Amazon | Crocs

3) Primark
Bow Mule Nude Sandals [ - ]

Cost: £2.50
Colour: Nude/Beige
Purpose: flip-flop substitute (I don't like actual flip-flops, may have guessed from the Criteria above...). Something cheap to wear to the beach, my sister said, so I wouldn't ruin my two other good pairs of sandals. Primark Sandals - reliably cheap.

My first choice were these New Look sandals, £17.99, very cute, though I would say a little expensive considering that there isn't much to them.

What are your favourite pairs of sandals like? :3

Pinkster xx


  1. I'm not a fan of the usual Crocs either but I do like these sandals. I hope you're having a fantastic time on your hols.

    1. Thank you Shell! It was very nice to have a break. :)

  2. I really like the New look ones :-))
    I wore mainly pumps, converse & Birkenstock this summer.

    I'm trying to picture them on you but I realised I don't know what you look like xD describe yourself to me, are you tall? Curvy? Short haired? XD

    1. I aaaaaaaam, tall (I don't know what this means anymore because humans are getting taller O_O ) NOT curvy, not one bit, I am straight like an ironing board. My dreads are long now but last year I had them shoulder length.

      I really want to wear heeled ankle boots this autumn, like chelsea boots? But I'm so picky about them that I've given up looking for the moment. e_e
      Thanks for your comment!