Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer Tops Haul

When this is published, I'll be on holiday in Cyprus!!! Please enjoy this pre-scheduled post.

I really felt that I didn't have any nice summer tops to wear, and soo I may or may not have strolled into Primark and did a £34(!) shop. I only had ten minutes before work to get what I wanted, so I decided to make my final decision at home and return whatever wasn't suitable.

I got really fed up taking these pictures so be glad you got this post at all! Urgh, all that trying on and taking off and fake posing was getting on my nerves.

Atmosphere Pink Checkered Gingham Chiffon-Front Tee - £6
Taking this back. I looked gorgeous on the Primark hanger... but not on me and not even on my hanger ._.

Atmosphere White LW Raglan Shirt - £6
This is so lovely and light, wonderful for hot weather. Though as you can see, it's dangerously see through. I wised up and put on a vest for this, should've have done the same for the t-shirt below...

Atmosphere <3 LA Sublimation Roll Sleeve Tee - £5
This is a lo t like that other £22 top I wanted so badly from River Island, the road with the heart on it [ HERE ] but I was having doubts by the time I went back and I love this one just as much. I'm glad I essentially got what I wanted and saved 17 quid.

Navy and White satin colour blouse - £5
This one was great because it's so versatile and the panelling is really neat. I wish the navy was purple or pink, but meh, can't complain.

Brooklyn city slogan sweater - £3 (on offer from £8)
As you have have noticed, I don't wear clothes with words or slogans on them anymore, but this one I couldn't resist. I do wish it didn't say Brooklyn, but I don't mind as much because the pastel blue and pink with a splash of white is to die for. And I know I shouldn't be buying winter clothes now but... hey. Three pounds. Couldn't resist.

Lilac V Neck Garment - £4
Yeah, this is the visible bra wardrobe malfunction. I just couldn't even be bothered. To top it off, the tag said something about a colour transfer when you wear it, either that or the dye possibly coming out when you wash it. WHAT?! It's barely lilac as it is!

Gooodbyeeeeee. You're going straight back to the store.

Socks. Because... why not? c: I LOVE PRETTY SOCKS!

And here's a little something I bought from H&M to wear over my swimsuit on holiday or just to wear whenever really. God, I'm really not fashion-savvy. (e_e)

I hope my dear and loyal readers are enjoying the summer. I shall be posting soooooon!

Pinkster xx


  1. Ooww XD I'm very happy with this post :D And the first two tops are sooo beautiful <3

    1. Glad you liked them! I'm really relieved that these tops I continued to wear after my holiday was over =) The bright pink H&M one is soo lovely and feels so floaty. Also, the blue one looks ten times better in real life, it's one of my favourites.