Friday, 22 August 2014

Miss Coquines Shoes

My sister came across this site called Miss Coquines, and said she's been a little addicted to the shoes they sell. When I took a look myself, I saw why. They have a good selection of unique shoes and the trainer my sister got were so eye-catching. Miss Coquines also have a blog. Here's some of my favourites...

Monochrome Wedge Court Shoes with Gold Union Jack Detail  [ HERE ]

Floral Lace Trainers [ HERE ]

Monochrome Lace-Up Ankle Trainers with Decorative Zip [ HERE ]

Low Heel Lace-Up Trainers [ HERE ]

Also, on a different note...

Vagabond Dioon Plain Chelsea Boots [ HERE ]

Did I mention my slight addiction with chelsea boots? No? Well.... that's a post for another day.

Pinkster xx

Friday, 15 August 2014

If Princesses Were Bloggers

A long time ago, I came across the post If Princesses Were Bloggers on the Free Fall Feather blog. The style is very different to what I usually like, but I was mesmerised by the following image;

Pinkster xx

Friday, 1 August 2014

Summer Colours

My ideal summer colours are bright or pastel colours, preferably bright as I prefer pastels for spring. Okay, that's a fib, I'll wear pastels any time. But I say it because, for example, I would much prefer mint green to bright green, which can be really gaudy. However, Emerald Green is a lovely colour for summer.

BRIGHT COLOURS for summer: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue

Boohoo Asheley Wrap Skater Dress [ HERE ]

Cotton Checkered Collar Dress [ HERE ]

Orange Halston Couture Silk Dress [ HERE ]

 Orange and Pink Boutique Teagan Bodycon Dress [ HERE ]

Gisele Bundchen for H&M Green Summer Dress [ HERE ]

SOFTER COLOURS: Baby Pink, Cornflower Blue, Lilac, Mint Green, Daffodil Yellow

Pink 50's Rockabilly Vintage Pencil DressHERE ]

Denny Rose Green Fantasy Summer Dress [ HERE ]

Lilac Asymmetrical Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress [ HERE ]

Black and Yellow Maxi Beach Summer Dress [ HERE ]

Iron Fist Lollipop Lorelei Mermaid Dress [ HERE ]

And this is the reason I regard green very cautiously.

Aqua Broadway Green Dress with Belt [ HERE ]

Pinkster xx